Today, Patrick and I are kicking off our new feature where we round up some of the news stories that have piqued our interest on the web. We find that there are so many things we would like to cover and discuss but simply don’t have the time nor resources to devote full length posts to them so we decided to take on this approach. Hope you like it. To start things off, I will be taking the helm for today’s round up and tomorrow Patrick takes a stab at it. So here goes nothing.


More Ka-Ching for Seacrest
The Dick Clark of our time, Ryan Seacrest, has just signed a lucrative deal to keep him hosting American Idol for three more years until 2012. Although no official announcement regarding his salary has been released, the Hollywood Reporter has pegged the deal to be worth in the neighborhood of $45 million dollars (US). Somewhere out there Brian Dunkleman (Season 1 American Idol co-host) is jumping off a bridge.


Ryan Reynolds is not Red Hot. He’ll Be Green Hot.
Our favorite hottie from Canada, Ryan Reynolds just won the role of Hal Jordan aka The Green Lantern in an upcoming big screen adaptation of the superhero. He beat out fellow A-Listers, Justin Timberlake and Bradley Cooper (The Hangover) in this casting battle royale. The often maligned superhero from DC Comics is actually one of DC’s biggest superheroes and most popular characters. If you’ve read my Homorazzi questionnaire, you’ll remember that The Green Lantern is the superhero I’d most like to be.


SH#!, F*CK and other Swear Words = Pain Killers?
A study published in the journal, NeuroReport, claims that British scientists have shown that swear words can have a powerful pain-killing effect. Originally the researchers thought swearing would make the pain worse simply by focusing the injured individual’s attention to the injury. Personally, I was always aware of this fact for years. Whenever I subject myself to some sort of injury or pain I quickly transform (insert Transformers sound effect) into a truck driver cursing like a m*ther f*cker. Check out the full story and details of the researcher’s findings. Click here.


You Have Been Banned From The Island
Original Survivor winner, Richard Hatch, has been denied permission to participate in the 20th Season and 10th Anniversary Edition of the reality show in Samoa. Convicted of tax evasion in 2006, Hatch has been serving home confinement after spending three years in federal prison. Can you believe there have been almost 20 seasons of this show? Imagine how different our TV landscape would be had Richard Hatch and the inaugural season of Survivor had not been a breakout success. No ANTM, SYTYCD, American Idol etc… SIGH.


reFRESH T-Dance
Yesterday the Homorazzi crew joined forces with Martini Presents to hold our first ever T-Dance party. The event was held at Republic on Granville Street and by all accounts a huge success, making all our sponsors, SKYY Vodka, Interactive Male and Republic extremely happy. Pictures will be released in the new few days after sorting through the hundreds of pictures taken. Stay tuned for details for our next T-Dance but in the meantime check out our Pride Weekend Kickoff Party (poster shown below).

Here’s the video from that day. Be sure to come to the next one. Click here to check out the pictures from reFRESH.


Hope you enjoyed our first edition of our daily news roundup. Be sure to check out Patty’s round up tomorrow.