This morning the Wall Street Journal printed some very interesting news about the possible future of The Today Show. We’ve known for a while that it was a possibility that Matt Lauer would be leaving his spot on the couch next year. With that comes the wonder of who will be taking his place. According to the WSJ, one of the contenders could be Ryan Seacrest. In the words of Patrick when I told him this, “no more jobs Ryan Seacrest.”

Currently, Ryan keeps himself busy hosting On Air… in the morning, then jetting over to the E! Studios to film E! News and when it’s full swing, Ryan is also the host of the FOX’s American Idol. Literally, the resume doesn’t end for this guy. So, will he be adding The Today Show to his list?

The Journal states that several NBC executives met with Seacrest Tuesday night (Dec. 6) to discuss him joining the morning program. At this point, we’re pretty sure the talks are preliminary and could result in nothing at all. However, I’m sure NBC wants to secure a strong successor when Lauer leaves the show and apparently, Ryan Seacrest is one of the top choices.

Personally, I don’t know if Ryan could pull of the role of serious journalist and from what I’ve read online this morning, many people agree with me. After watching him on Idol for so many years, he seems to campy for Today and would only specialize in pop culture reporting. That being said, maybe Ryan does have some secret love for politics & issues that we don’t know about. Do you think Ryan could shape up and sit next to Ann Curry on NBC? Sound off below.