Ryan Reynolds Bares His Butt In Deadpool 2 Teaser

Deadpool 2 doesn’t arrive until 2018, but FOX decided to start the promotional campaign early. The studio showed a teaser for the highly-anticipated sequel before Logan showings this weekend. And an eye-popping one at that. Ryan Reynolds shows off his bare butt, albeit a bit blurry and pressed up against glass, but still worth a look.

The comedic clip finds our anti-hero witnessing a crime while walking down the street. Before he swings into action, Wade Wilson has to find somewhere to change into his alter ego. He channels his inner Superman and finds a phone booth to ‘quickly’ put on his costume. Unfortunately, not so quick. By the time he’s done, the victim has been shot and killed. Ooops 😉

In true Deadpool form, he realizes that there’s nothing he can do so he leans up against the dead corpse and begins eating Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream from the dead man’s spilled bag of groceries. Check out the amusing clip below. I have no doubt you’ll be laughing out loud in no time.

Deadpool 2 Logan Teaser