Ryan Phillippe’s Gay Kiss With Breckin Meyer Finally Surfaces

It’s about time. 15 years after 54 first hit theaters, the much-buzzed about kissing scene between Ryan Phillippe and Breckin Meyer finally surfaces.

Originally, director Mark Christopher’s film about the famed nightclub was supposed to show all the decadence, but was plagued by reshoots and a strong editing hand by the studio. Instead of being a racy visual feast, it was watered down to a lame love story between Ryan Phillippe and Neve Campbell. The silver lining was the film provided one groovy disco soundtrack. That Ultra Nate-Amber-Jocelyn Enriquez dance track, “If You Could Read My Mind” was everything.

In 2008, Christopher finally got to show his original vision with a director’s cut that was shown at Outfest in Los Angeles. He added over 45 minutes to the original theatrical release. At long last, we finally get to see that Phillippe-Meyer gay kiss. I was beginning to think it was just an urban legend. The clip is grainy and low quality, but at least it’s something. Watch it below.

Brecklin Meyer Kisses Ryan Philippe

54 Movie Trailer

  • Belladonna

    He’s cute but to be real Ive really been over straight media for the most part of 2013. Lol I find myself watching only gay movies & shows ( really good ones) lol & Listening to mostly new Queer Artist & some big ones ( like My Gaga, Lorde,1D & waiting for Biebrs new album. But all of them are Queer or Queerish so yeah! I guess I’m just growing up.

  • Belladonna

    I loveeeee the movie Bear City!!!! It’s so good I’ve watched it like 1,000 times.