Ryan Phillippe Boogies Shirtless In New 54 Director’s Cut Clip


It was pitched to Miramax as a Boogie Nights-like flick but with Ryan Phillippe playing the naive hot boy. With the famed NYC nightclub as the backdrop and young hot actors (Neve Campbell, Salma Hayek, Cameron Mathison) starring in the flick, it had all the ingredients for a potential smash.

Sadly, 54 flopped right out of the gate with abysmal box office receipts and scathing and unforgiving reviews. What do you expect when the director is forced to remove 44 minutes of his vision and instead add 30 new minutes of reshoots to satisfy the studio.

“I’ve never seen this kind of editing and reshooting on another film I’ve done,” Phillippe told Vulture. “The characters were fundamentally changed in a way that wasn’t true to the original script. Not even close.”

Since it’s premiere, the film has amassed a cult following thanks to Mark Christopher piecing together footage and showing his original vision at various festivals to rave reviews. 17 years later, Miramax finally caved and is allowing a director’s cut to get an official release. As of today, June 2, anyone can catch it on Digital HD from Miramax and Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

Entertainment Tonight got their hands on a scene cut from the theatrical release. Phillippe is shown dancing around shirtless in front of his buddy Brecklin Meyer. Later in the new director’s cut, Brecklin and Ryan share a passionate makeout session. I don’t have that clip, but have the one where Phillippe boogies his ass off. Check it out below.

If you want something spicier, Entertainment Weekly has another clip. Check out Brecklin Meyer showing his goods to Mike Meyers over at EW.com.

  • macguffin54

    I saw the movie last night. It is definitely way, way better. But on the gay front it is very disappointing. There is a kiss between Ryan/Breckin but it’s shown from the back of Breckin’s head and he runs out after it happens. Ryan begins to whore himself out to guys in the club but it isn’t at all racy or even PG-13. I can’t belive it was “censored” by Miramax. There are a bunch of tits that I don’t remember but other than that nothing extreme. But, again, much better, fuller movie.