Ryan Murphy Talks Glee’s Worst Number & On Set Feuds

Glee signed off two years ago, but people are still talking about it. Well, at least Ryan Murphy is. While promoting his new show Feud: Bette & Joan, the 51-year-old producer opened up about the FOX musical.

While chatting to E!, Murphy broke his silence about the rumored feud between Lea Michele and Naya Rivera. The latter previously told her side of the story in her tell-all book.

“I feel like in the case of that show [Glee], that show was just a s–tstorm of difficulty, largely because, what do you do when you’re 18 years old or 19 years old and you wake up one day and you’re world famous? I think a lot of that was informed by their youth and being involved in a phenomenon. And I know for a fact that they [Lea and Naya] admired each other’s work, ‘cause I directed them both in scenes,” Murphy dished.

Interestingly, Ryan revealed feuds among the boys were much more prevalent on set but nothing ever got leaked. “There were many boys on our show that didn’t get along. And you never hear about that. You never hear about that in our culture,” he said. Very true. The public loves a good petty catfight over boys squabbling.

During another promotional stop over at Watch What Happens Live, Murphy revealed which musical performance he regretted doing on the show.

“I am mortified that we did ‘Gangsta Style’ by Psy. I will say, like, not our finest moment,” Ryan said, “I can’t believe I got that wrong.”

Definitely not a highlight during the series run but I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s the worst. Do you think agree with him or do you think another performance deserves the dishonorable title? Sound off below.

  • Sassy pantaloons

    Please don’t tell me he actually said “Gangsta Style” ?

  • zippersparks

    First off, ANY time the honkey in the wheelchair or the teacher (closer in age to the students… and not in the good way) rapped. RAP. Not saying whitefolk cannot rap. Am not NOT saying it the case of “Glee.” But the worst, worst? Personally abandoned the show long before this so thought I was being trolled when a FB pal mentioned the “Let’s Have A Turkey-Kiki” (or whatever monster moniker given to that abortion of a “number”). If ever you need to vomit, view it.

  • Fred

    I wonder who of the guys didn’t get along? Cory (RIP, Cory) seemed to get along with pretty much everyone.

  • Fred

    I have a feeling the sick Mark Salling was difficult and no one liked him.