Ryan Murphy Confirms (Sorta) How ‘American Horror Story’ Seasons Are Connected

Ever since Ryan Murphy revealed that all the American Horror Story seasons were somehow connected, fans have speculated exactly how. The 51-year-old producer has given one popular theory some validity.

In a recent post on Instagram, Murphy listed all the 9 Circles of Hell visited by Virgil during his journey into the underworld in Dante’s Inferno. For each one he assigned a specific AHS season. The inaugural run, Murder House, was linked to “Limbo” while the most recent cycle, Roanoke, paired up with “Anger.” The upcoming seventh season, Cult, gets assigned to “Heresy“. Check out the rest below.


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Do you think Murphy’s recent post confirms the seasons are related to Dante’s Inferno or is he simply yanking our collective chains. Weigh in below.

In case you missed it, I embedded two more promos for AHS: Cult that FX recently shared.

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