Sports Stud: Ryan Lochte

This week’s Sport’s Stud is a gold medalist for swimming…and for hotness: Ryan Lochte. This sexy & chiseled 26 year old Olympian, nicknamed The Lochtenator, has won six Olympic Gold Medals (three gold, two silver, one bronze). He has held the title of “World Swimmer of the Year Award” as well as “American Swimmer of the Year Award.” In addition, he also currently holds the following world records:

  • 4×200-meter freestyle relay (long course – as part of American team)
  • 200-meter individual medley (long and short course)
  • 400-meter individual medley (short course)

So his stroke of choice? Ahem…swim stroke that is! Well, his specialties include backstroke, freestyle, and medley. Definitely watch for Speedo-sponsored athlete and his washboard abs at the 2012 Summer Olympics!

Lochte is single (if I’m not mistaken) and loves to dance. In fact, he hurt his knee dancing around a while back, he said in an interview. “We were just dancing, having fun in my living room. A song came on and I started break dancing. My foot went one way, my [left] knee went the other way and … I heard a pop. The next day it blew up. I tore my meniscus.”

Glad he’s okay now!

Man, that’d be quite the distraction if he was swimming in the lane next to you.

Although he’s ripped and shirtless on the left, my eyes can’t help but want to the bottom right…

Forget the pool, you can almost dive into those eyes too! They’re so blue!

When he’s not wearing a speedo or wetsuit, you can often find Lochte wearing only a towel or his underwear.

But when he has more clothes on, he looks terrible. Just kidding. Wow. He looks so sharp!

Is this like one of those trick pictures, with the graffiti on the left trying to distract me from his pecs? HA! Well it’s not working.

  • swimfan

    His nickname hasn’t been The Lochtenator in a very long time.. He has been called Reezy since right before Beijing.. Umm and I don’t think thats Ryan folding the close.. But you have put together some of the best pictures of him…

  • ???????? ??????????


  • Seth

    Some of those images are NOT Ryan

  • Great post! Great swimmer.