Ryan Lochte & Kristen Bell Are Gold On The Tonight Show With Jay Leno

One of everyone’s favorite Olympians from London 2012 this year was Ryan Lochte, receiving not shortage of attention from media, magazines, and fans alike. Now that the events are done, he’s still making his rounds and there’s no sign of slowing down. He’ll be guest starring on 90210 this fall and is also considering The Bachelor and Dancing With The Stars as potential future options.

Last night, the sexy Ryan Lochte and the beautiful and hilarious Kristen Bell were guests on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The interview was actually quite hilarious and no subject was taboo.

My favorite parts of the interview though were the ones where Kristen Bell said anything. Seriously, if I was hanging out with her, I’d be laughing all day long. Love her. Watch the two part segment below!

Ryan Lochte Interview – Part 1

Ryan Lochte Interview – Part 2

  • Tom Drew

    Afraid Kristen Bell’s antics and obnoxious behavior during Ryan Lochte’s appearance on the Tonight Show turned off most of the audience including Jay and Ryan. Her constant interruptions of Jay’s interview were just not funny and so self-centered. Worse off, without even asking Ryan, she took all five of his precious Olympic medals, which he had laid down on the coffee table, and one by one adorned herself with them like she was Cleopatra. Come on, at the least don’t you ask if OK to put one on forget all five? What’s more she had already had her turn in the main guest seat, but was still trying to take center stage and time away from Jay’s focus and attention on Ryan, who most of the audience really wanted to listen too. As well, Bell was just not funny but annoying and obviously obsessed with herself. You could tell by both Ryan’s and Jay’s reactions they wish she would just shut up – dumb bitch! She even started asking Ryan stupid questions herself, as if it were the host. Man, I tell you that lady is not that good looking to begin with, a high-pitched obnoxious sounding person who for me was such a turn off. The show’s producers would have better served their audience by putting Ryan on first but unfortunately probably studio pressure to plug her and her new movie up front. Had a feeling besides being a really self-centered spoiled little actress, Bell kind of had the hots for Ryann too -can’t blame her . I just hope if any further advances off set, Ryan had the good sense to avoid her and when he moves to LA to totally avoid her type, which unfortunately litters the stages and streets all over Hollywood.

  • jis89

    @Tom Drew relax dude that was only a show and I guess it was spoken to them what they did. He is soooo sexy…btw.