Watch Ryan Lochte Play A Sex Idiot On His ’30 Rock’ Cameo

One of the breakout stars from this year’s Summer Olympics was definitely Ryan Lochte. Aside from his gold medals, he was on Jay Leno, and 90210 to name a few shows, made the cover of magazines like Men’s Journal, Men’s Health, and was included in the Olympic Issue of Vogue. Now he’s about to add another big one to his resume: a cameo on 30 Rock! There he is above on set with the amazing Tina Fey.

In the preview below, Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) meets his lover’s lover. That of course is played by none other than Ryan Lochte. In the scene, Ryan walks up to Jack & Serena (Nina Arianda) and says, “Serena! Another old guy wanted to buy my shirt. Old guys are funny.” LOL. Jacks says, “Who’s this?” Serena responds, “Oh Jack…Ryan, Ryan…Jack. Ryan says, “What’s up?” Serena then whispers to Jack, “Ryan is my sex idiot.” Watch the preview below. The look on Baldwin’s face is priceless.

Ryan Lochte’s Guest Spot on 30 Rock