Man Crush: Ryan Guzman

I was channel surfing the other day and noticed this week’s Man Crush in a movie trailer. Instantly, I became smitten with Ryan Guzman. Frequent readers of know I have a thing for hot guys with some serious hip-hop swagger. And Guzman has it oozing out of his pores. The 6-foot-tall stud is starring in “Step Up Revolution“- the fourth installment of the popular dance film franchise.

Naturally, he’s being compared to Channing Tatum, with some predicting he could follow Tatum’s footsteps to super stardom. Personally, I hope he follows Channing all the way to the “Magic Mikesequel (yup, a sequel is being developed). I’d like to see Ryan bust out some sexy stripper moves 😉 Papa has some dollar bills to spend.

Step Up Revolution” marks Guzman’s acting debut. Previously, he worked as a model and was represented by Look Model Agency. The hazel-eyed hottie scored plenty of gigs due to his rock hard abs and adorable smile. His most noteworthy booking came in 2009 when he modeled for Calvin Klein underwear.

Tyrell wrote about Ryan Guzman when he first landed his role in the “Step Up” flick back in 2011. With “Step Up Revolution” hitting theaters soon, I thought it was time to re-introduce this stud. If you read Tyrell’s post, I purposely chose different photos than he did. Check out the pictures I picked below.

Bello indeed.

Making sure we notice that sexy bicep of his.

Dang, he’s one hot mofo.

Having a stare-off with SYTYCD Season 6 finalist Kathryn McCormick in “Step Up Revolution”.

On your mark, get set, STRIP.

Looking red hot on the red carpet.

Hands off women. He’s mine.

Let me work out that kink in his neck.

Showing off his abs during a flash mob in “Step Up 4: Revolution”

UM, ERRR, HMMM. I’m speechless.

Playing a little pocket pool 😉

Giving you a little booty tooch.

Giving you more booty tooch. Tyra would be so proud.

Love a boy with some hip-hop swagger.

For all you armpit lovers. You’re welcome.

What do you think of Ryan Guzman? Is he as hot as Channing Tatum? How about Robert Hoffman or Rick Malambri who previously appeared in the second and third installments respectively. Sound off below.

  • Regen

    He’s so hot! Personally, I think he’s the hottest among the 4 guys in Step Up movies. With Rick Malambri in 2nd 🙂

  • MauiKane

    Hotter than Channing…Hotter than Rick…Ryan is the HOTTEST of them ALL!

  • Leo

    He is definitely the sexiest of all the step up guys hopefully we see much more of him in the near future.

  • Rob

    OMG im in love he’s so cute

  • Skeptical Chris

    just another generic pretty white boy…. a dime a dozen

  • jack

    Ryan Guzman. please tell me that you are an Irish-Puerto Rican because to me that is an unbeatable combo. I don’t mean to be PC incorrect, but that usually means a pretty face and a big cock. YES!!!

  • Isabelle

    For me its Rick then Channing as my favorite Step up hotties. Ryan can rank 3rd and Jack your comment is cracking me up.

  • seln

    your the man

  • I did not even notice the third film and this new one looks beyond foolish. Personally, I’m rooting for Peter Gallagher and the giant hotel, not the “protest dancers” who clearly need to just go on ABDC and stop blocking traffic. Move along boys, move along.

  • Daws

    Umm…he’s definitely good lucking, but perhaps too pretty and cookie cutter for my tastes.

  • Daws


  • Klenn

    Incredibly handsome. I see him as Chirstian Grey.

  • Jayjay

    He wins – hands down! HOT!

  • mary paul kristia cabigon

    ryan guzman, is the next promising actor ever, he acts naturally, and he’s good looking guy, humble and talented! i really do i like him, wish that i could see him in personal. <3

  • Tommy1111

    He is… completely, without a doubt, 100% Gorgeous…with a Capital G!!!!