Ryan Guzman is currently a very busy man. Aside from making his feature film debut in “Step Up Revolution,” he’s also taking some major time to help promote the film including a few sexy photo spreads. On Ryan’s official Facebook page, Guzman shared some of his latest shots for Cosmopolitan and Bello Mag with his fans.

In the album for his Cosmo shots, Ryan states that only one of the photos was chosen for the actual mag. Too bad considering that boy doesn’t take a bad shot. Like seriously. The shoot consists of Ryan hanging out in a rolled up t-shirt before taking it off and taking a dip in the pool. Mmm, a wet Ryan Guzman is definitely a sexy one. His shoot for Bello Mag was shot by Aleksander Tomovie and really shows off the more playful side of Ryan. Check out both photo spreads and tell us which shots are your favorite. Are you checking out “Step Up Revolution” this weekend?

Cosmopolitan Photo Shoot

Bello Mag Photo Shoot