While the year-end lists have been flying fast and furious, we haven’t been sharing a lot of Christmas videos. I’m not sure if it’s just because they are few and far between or because it’s really hard to surpass the awesomeness that was the viral video: The Twelve Gays of Christmas. While this new video that surfaced yesterday doesn’t match the gold star that the previous earns, it’s still be great and has a few special cameos.

Starring Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes and Jim Carrey as Santa Claus, the trio find themselves re-enacting the story ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas while being narrated by Allan McLeod as so the prelude tells us, drank half a bottle of whiskey prior to the filming of this video. While he continually makes mistakes during the reciting of the classic poem, the director tells him to continue.

While the video doesn’t garner any huge LOL’s, it does induce enough laughter that’s worth the watch. Plus, who doesn’t love checking out Ryan Gosling at any cost, am I right? He looks pretty damn good in those pyjamas and sleeping cap I might add. Check out this Funny or Die exclusive below.