Ryan Cooper Whips Out His Penis In ‘Rough Night’ Deleted Scene (NSFW)

Rough Night had a bit of a rough time during its theatrical release. It under-performed at the box office and received mixed reviews. Girls Trip starring Queen Latifah definitely won the battle among female-centric comedies this summer. However, I have a feeling the Scarlett Johansson comedy will fare much better on home video thanks to extra features like this.

Right before he bites the bullet in the film, Ryan Cooper performs a sexy striptease for Johansson and her bachelorette crew. In the theatrical version, Scarlett pushes him away after he calls her a little slut. However in this unedited long version, she doesn’t shoo him away until after he pulls out his dick. I don’t know why. It looked like a tasty treat 😉

Check out the NSFW clip below, along with the original theatrical version.

Rough Night X-Rated Deleted Scene

Rough Night Theatrical Release

  • mykelb

    That’s considered x-rated? lolz. I’ve seen more dick at the Louvre.

  • Nozuka

    The way this scene has been cut it’s most likely not even his…