Ryan Amador Washes Away Gay Labels In ‘Define Me’ Music Video

Gay singer-songwriter Ryan Amador teams up with Avan Lava singer Jo Lampert for a beautiful new video with a powerful message. The two tackle the unwanted ugly labels that are often times hurled at the LGBT community. Tom Gustafson directed the “Define Me” clip with his partner Cory Krueckeberg editing it.

Brooklyn-based Amador and Lampert begin fully clothed. Slowly they begin to take of their clothing revealing their bodies riddled with homophobic labels. The clip culminates with them washing and scrubbing off their body graffiti. “We’re starting this party tonight, where people will be undefined,” they sing. 100% of the single’s proceeds will be donated to LGBT equality organizations. Check out the clip below.

Ryan Amador ft. Jo Lampert ‘Define Me’ Music Video

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