Is Russian Band Little Big’s ‘Skibidi’ Video The Next Viral Dance Craze?

OMG!!! I’m obsessed with this weirdly catchy tune and even more so with the delightfully fun dance. It’s the Macarena meets SNL‘s Roxbury dance from the 90s. This could easily be the next “Gangnam Style,”Harlem Shake,” or “Cha-Cha Slide.”

Skibidi” comes from the satirical Russian band Little Big. It was actually released a couple of months ago, but just stumbled upon it recently. The upbeat bop is extremely catchy but it’s the video that’s everything.

It’s an explosion of the most random things including a puppet dancing, a ring-a-round the rosie with cats and an epic dance battle between two groups. Honestly, it’s better if I say less and let you experience it for yourself. Check it out below.

Little Big ‘SKIBIDI’ Music Video