Oh oh, it looks like Russell Brand is having some documentation issues. A while back, Brand was headed to Japan and after landing in the country, was denied entry and forced home. Now, Russell has had the same luck (or no luck) in our home native land. Russell was scheduled to make an appearance at Casino Rama in Ontario but ran into some trouble at the Canadian border. He sent out the following tweet:

HELP! I’m gonna be late for Casino Rama show unless someone can force Canadian customs officials to let us land in Orillia.”

However, no power of social media could save Russell and allow him entry into the country. He tweeted again:

“Tonight’s Casino Rama show postponed. I’m sorry. I can’t enter Canada. We must abolish the borders between our nations AND our minds.”

Casino Rama stated that the show would be postponed because Brand’s private jet was having technical issues. However, we’re sure that this prank could have been due to the fact that Russell has a pretty extensive rap sheet. I think it’s time that Russell looked after this situation so that he can be more of a free man. You never know, more border problems may mean a trip back to the land of England… permanently.