Sorry for the delay in posting about this week’s Drag U, but I’m a busy business woman so let’s jump right into it.


This week’s episode was all about stressed out mothers and their need to get their sexy back.  We first met Janet (paired with Shannel), a 44 year old full-time mom  who, after the death of her sister gave up her singing career on the verge of releasing her first album.  Then we met April (paired with Pandora Boxx), a 40 year old mother of 5 who was uber stressed out and didn’t leave any time for herself.  And finally we met Angela (with Morgan McMichaels), another 44 year old with 5 chilens runnin’ around who had given up on herself to take care of her husband that is on dialysis.  You could tell all three women really did love their families, but just needed some time for themselves.  Enter the Dragulator.

Janet’s Dragulation was Dee Dee Tee, a rocker chick with an awesome mohawk that my best friend Scott would die for. April was given the name Sarah Tonin with kind of a 50s housewife/Stepford wives outfit.  She didn’t love it (and neither did I) and said that she was in the kitchen enough during her everyday life so why would she dress up in an apron as her drag ego.  Made sense.  Next up we saw Angela’s alter ego Damita Jo Mama.  The name – amazing.  I was hoping for a little bit more of a diva outfit, but the name kind of made up for it.

For the first challenge called ‘Drag Yo Baby!,‘ the women were given baby dolls and had to create a drag baby out of a table of materials (wigs, fabric, hairspray, makeup, etc).  It actually looked kind of fun and they all got pretty creative with their dolls.  Morgan and Angela spray painted their baby with brown hair spray to give it a little tan. I was of impressed with what they the women did with the little doll wigs, hairspray really is magic.  Janet ends up winning the competition and won a Singer sewing machine and a gift certificate to a … I dunno what, but didn’t sound fun.  Oh, a fabric store, she won a gift cert to a fabric store…

Dean of Dance, Frank Gatson had the ladies shakin’ their rumps to Fantasia’s ‘Baby Mamma’… “B-A-B-Y M-A-MA, this goes out to all the baby mamas!”  Loved it.  The women were all pretty stiff during rehearsals, but Angela and Janet brought it during their performances.  April looked the most uncomfortable and a little self conscious, but hey, she got out there and did it.  She also looked the most like a… well, woman.  Her makeup was pretty low-key, but still pretty.  Janet was shakin’ her hips like she was in a competition with Shakira and her makeup was fierce.  She also had a disco stick which added to her diva-ness.  You could tell she was feeling happy and confident.  Angela looked pretty good too, loved her eyes, but didn’t love the outfit.  She was feeling the music though and lip sunked (I know) for her life.  In the end, the professors (including guest professor Debi Mazer – who is gorgeous) voted Angela as the winner with a DPA of 3.88.

A couple side notes:  Shannel wears this weird 80′s power-woman wig, that’s reddish blonde and has roots.  Girl, no.  Also, during one of the commercial’s Raven did a little ‘Nip/Tuck’ cameo which was really cool.  She had drawn plastic surgery marks all over her face and then moved around seductively while the ‘Nip/Tuck’ theme song played.  I loved that show, so I thought it was pretty cool, plus her makeup was flawless as usual.

Favorite quote: (Pandora Boxx dressing  the drag baby) ‘Nothing holds a good tuck like a piece of duck tape!’

So, that’s that.  Go check previous episodes at Logo TV and be sure to watch the next episode that I’m guessing will be back after the Labor Day holiday.