Editor’s note:  Either Drag U was on Summer Break last week or my DVR was bein’ a betch, but I didn’t see last week’s Drag U, so… deal with it.

I kid, I kid. Door!

We’re back this week with Plus-Sized Ladies lookin’ for some lovin’.  All three ladies this week were dealing with some serious self-esteem issues stemming from their unhappiness with their weight.  Christine is a 51 year old who at one point was a professional roller derby…ist (?).  At 6′ tall and with an apparently amazing rack and skinny waist, she was a strong sexy woman until an accident left her with permanent nerve damage, preventing her from continuing her skating career.  Antoinette, a 35 year old wife whom has never felt bigger wanted to feel better about being a plus-sized girl.  And finally, Minlee, a 38 year old opera diva who, up until she moved to LA, never felt like ‘the fat girl.’  All three women were in need of some serious tranny loving and they got it from their professors.

Christine was paired with Shannel and after running through the Dragulator was christened, Christina Rina.  Antoinette was teamed with JuJuBee and got the name ‘Terri Snatcher,’ (brilliant).  And Miss Minlee got Pandora Boxx and was given the name Cocoa Versace.  The Dragulator was working overtime this week because the outfits that it churned out for these women were spot on and hugged each and every curve.  Oh, and one thing I thought was really cool was that the professors came into the workroom the second day dressed as boys and got ready with the contestants – loved that.  When each of them came down the runway for their individual walks, you could tell that they felt fabulous.  Minlee was a dead ringer for Chaka Khan.  I kind of wanted her to belt out ‘I’m Every Woman,’ but this week’s song was ‘Got To Be Real’ by Cheryl Lynn.  Antoinette’s performance was a little lackluster (and the faculty agreed), Christine went a little overboard and was puttin’ her hands in the other girls faces and eventually ripped off her wig, which the judges did not like at all, but Minlee stole the show and earned top grades from the faculty, including guest professor Jackeé Harry.

In the end, Minlee Draguated with top honors, but all women gained the self confidence they were searching for, Lady Bunny even said Antoinette looked so good she’d f*ck her.

Ru had a good line in the episode that kind of resinated with me.  Lots of times when I’m in drag, people ask why I do it and usually I just say that it’s just fun and gives me a reason to be out of my normal skin for a few hours.  But Ru said that often times he takes some of the power from his Glamazon and uses it in his everyday life to motivate him.  Looking back, I can see that I take some of the confidence I have from puttin’ on a face and being ‘Shelita’ and bring that into my life as ‘Alex’ when I’m not feeling the self-confidence.  You don’t have to do drag to find this power, but do something that takes you outside of yourself for a bit and gives you that extra boost of power that you can use in other areas of your life.  It sounds cheesy, I  know, but it works, trust me.

Favorite quote of the night (there are two): (JuJuBee talking about teasing wigs) – ‘Imagine this bitch stole your man and now you’re doing her hair.’  (Ru talking about what other people think of you) – ‘What other people think of me is none of my damn business!’

So that’s it.  Stay tuned for next week’s episode and if you’ve missed any of the others you can check them out at Logo TV.