I don’t know where to start.  I can’t.  It’s too much.  Too much AMAZINGNESS.

Since this is the first post on Drag U – bare with me as I explain the premise of the show…Last night the LOGO channel premiered RuPaul’s latest foray into the world of reality TV, RuPaul’s Drag U and it did not disappoint.  Drag U brings a twist to the typical Drag Race formula in that instead of professional drag queens competing for for huge prize, former contestants of Drag Race help deserving women (who are a little rough around the edges) come out of their shells and rediscover their femininity.  And who better to teach you how to be a real woman than a group of fierce queens?

The show takes place in Lake Titicaca Valley, a magical land where rainbows, unicorns and dolphins fill the sky (tacky as hell and fabulous).  Contestants arrive at Drag U to be greeted by RuPaul (dressed in her suit) and then are assigned to their drag professors.  Ru explains that the women will be given 48 hours to build their skills and prepare for their dragzaminations where they will be judged on their drag transformation, performance and attitude adjustment – their DPA (Drag Point Average) if you will.  The night ends at Draguation, where the women (the ones with vajajays) compete to win the top honor of graduating highest in class along with a pretty sweet prize package (nyx cosmetics, stay at the ace hotel palm springs, healthy eating meal plan and a portable hot tub).  Keep reading for a recap of last night’s episode.

The first stop in the competition is an entrance exam where the queens find out some more information about their pupils, then it’s off to the Dragulator.   A magical machine that takes the image of these frumpy women and spits out their drag look and drag name.  Last night we met three women in dire need of a makeover.  Shaya (paired with Professor Ongina), a mother of two who just wanted to be pretty again (and who hadn’t had sex in two years – WHAT?); Linda (paired with Professor Raven) a grocery receiving worker and biker chick;  and Reyna (paired with Professor JuJuBee) a tomboy who had proved that she was tough enough to hang with the boys, but was ready to be a girl.  Once Ru commences Dragulation, Shaya is given the name Saline Dijon, Linda becomes Paya La Renta (dying) and Reyna is dubbed Candy Graham.  Last night’s show was the perfect start to the series as it starred two of my favorite queens from last season’s Drag Race, JuJuBee and Raven.

For the most part, the show was pretty straightforward – the queens get to know the women, they bond over picking out wigs and learning how to walk in heels, sew up an outfit for the performance (cough – no doubt with the help of a production team – cough) and then the big reveal comes and they are judged by the faculty who consisted of famed NY drag queen and the Dean of Drag, Ms. Lady Bunny; choreographer and Dean of Dance, Frank Gatson Jr; and visiting professor, Mia Tyler.  Although the show is straightforward, this wouldn’t be a true drag show without some drama in it and Raven, being the bitch she is, brought it.

At one point she steals the wig of JuJuBee’s student and tells JuJu to just use the wig the Dragulator provided.  Jujubee obliges, but not without a few juicy words in her confessional scene.  Later, while JuJu and her student are ‘sewing’ (mmhmm), Raven grabs their wig and hides it.  Juju confronts Raven about the missing wig and Raven reveals it’s hiding place saying “Is this it?”  (throws it on the ground) and says “Get to work.” DIVA MOMENT TO DIE FOR. Ultimately, Raven and Juju should have been spending more time working on their students because the winner of the night ended up being Ongina’s student Saline Dijon (Shaya).  She was the roughest looking of the three before the transformation, but afterwards she really looked pretty good.  Never underestimate the power of the drag, and a good wig and some rull good makeup skills.

This show will be my new Monday night obsession, coming in right after Real Housewives of New Jersey, of course.  Check back weekly for recaps and my favorite quote of the night.

Quote of the Night:  “I don’t wear makeup either.  This is tinted moisturizer”  – Raven

RuPaul’s Drag U is on Logo every Monday night (check your local listings and for more info click here).