RuPaul’s Drag Race 7 Episode 1 Recap: Born Naked


Well it’s that time again! I’m going to be coming back every week to Homorazzi to misspell all of the words, use all of the wrong grammar, and talk about how much I absolutely can’t stand someone on television! It’s RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap time!

After what seemed like 3 years, RuPaul’s Drag Race FINALLY premiered tonight on Logo/OUTtv. Way back when in December, we were introduced to our 14 lucky queens all vying for the title of America’s Next Drag Superstar; Donovan made a post about them because I was too lazy and quite frankly a bit uninspired by most of the new batch of girls. While I did enjoy the stark white promo ads and simple trailer, most of the contestants to me really fell flat. Now, before you jump down my throat, I spent the time to watch all the interviews and fun little trailers WOW released many times so calm your tits. I did my homework as I do every single year so it’s not like I’m coming into this totally new. This ain’t my first drag rodeo!

Now before I tell you who my favourites are this season, I’m going to get into what happened in tonight’s episode, yes? As with every season, each of the contestants made their big entrances into the workroom. The first to come is was Miss Fame (LAME) and she wore a shinier version of what Vivacious wore last season (stole that from someone on untucked, don’t know who but it was brilliant). Miss Lame coined herself something extremely pretentious and long winded which I couldn’t remember even after watching the episode three time, but what I do remember is the tape on the side of her head. Some people use this trick of putting tape on your temple and yanking it back to give the illusion of a tighter pulled face. What Miss Lame forgot to do was to hide those piece of tape UNDER HER WIG! What the hell?!? This bitch comes on talking about how she’s some ultra glamour intergalactic makeup artiste blah blah and her tape is showing? Give me a break. From now on every time you see Miss Lame’s tape, do a shot! You’ll be drunk in a minute!

Following her were Ginger Mink, Jaidynn Dior Fierce, Violet Chachki, Trixie Mattel, Katya, Pearl, Mrs Kasha Davis, Kandy Ho (and her fierce beard), Tempest DuJour, Max, Kennedy Davenport, Sasha Belle, and Jasmine Masters (although not necessarily in that order). It was the typical entrances: some were great (Katya, Trixie, Pearl), some were awful (Tempest, Kandy Ho) and the rest just kind of fell where they landed. Some shade was thrown mainly from Kandy Ho to Tempest about her age. Why Tempest didn’t clap back with a bearded lady read I’ll never know, but there you have it. Everyone got settled and it was on to the first She-Mail! Oh wait no, they got rid of that right? Either way, RuPaul’s screaming voice came on the screen and it was time for the first mini challenge!

Tonight’s first mini challenge was a spring/fall runway lewk challenge. Each contestant had to model a lewk for the spring, and a lewk for the fall. Standouts for me were Katya, Max, Pearl, Violet, and Trixie (you can see my top 6 forming already can’t you?). Everyone had a great moment but it was Violet in her tartan spin lewk that took the cake hands down. No matter what I may think of her as a person, so far she’s a GREAT contender. After the Maxi-Mini challenge with wings, it was runway challenge time! They had to walk down the runway IN THE NUDE… sort off? Each queen had to create a tearaway thing that revealed a nude illusion underneath. What a stupid challenge. Like, so stupid. There was absolutely no creativity to this whatsoever. Essentially make a cute tarp and wear a bodysuit underneath it. Yawn. This runway challenge was terrible. This is the first week and they don’t even make them create anything but a muumuu? Standouts for the runway for me were Trixie, Katya, Violet and Kennedy.

The judges agreed with me on two of them (Violet & Kennedy) with Miss Lame rounding out the top three. The bottom 4 were Sasha Belle, Tempest DuJour (who wore an outfit reminiscent of Darienne Lake’s saggy vag, jeweled thing from last season), Jasmine Masters, and The Bearded Lady. Miss Lame TOTALLY thought she had this in the bag, but the winner for this week was actually Violet, and I’m not mad at that. Miss Lame was though. Did you SEE her epic eye roll! That’s probably the best thing we’re get from her out of this whole competition. Bottom two were Tempest and the Bearded Lady. They both performed well, but the Beard definitely took this round and Tempest was sent home. Not shocking at all. I couldn’t told you she was going home first from the trailers.

Let’s talk about my top girls. Right now it’s looking like this:

  • Katya
  • Pearl
  • Violet
  • Ginger
  • Max
  • Trixie

Honourable mention will go to Kennedy Davenport but I don’t think she’s going to make it to the top 6.

Where is Miss Lame you ask? Well I don’t think she even deserves to be on this show personally. I’m going to catch a lot of flack for this and I don’t really care. I think Miss Lame is too under qualified to be a contestant on this show whatsoever and I will stand by it until the end of time. She isn’t a good drag queen. Yes, she can beat a face (kind of, she can’t even hide her own tape), but I find her incredibly pretentious and above it all. Not to mention she’s the worst performer. There is a video of her doing Lana Del Ray and I didn’t think anyone could have less energy than Lana but she proved me wrong. Miss Lame will definitely be gone soon, probably 4ish episodes in. She needs to stick to makeup tutorials and cute photo shoots because that’s all she’s good for. If I’m proven wrong I will be the first to admit it, but I don’t think I will be whatsoever.

Before I go let’s take a quick moment and honour the memory of Untucked. Whatever the hell they showed us in the back lot of a studio was absolutely not the Untucked that we are used to, or we want. I get that they are trying to go for something new and edgy, but no. We want our drag queens fighting! Not in a big cuddle puddle on one couch!

Well that’s week 1! Who do you love? Who do you hate? Am I right or wrong in my top 6? Comment below or come for me on any social media platforms! @TommyD on twitter or @Tommy_D83 on Instagram! See you next week

  • Radar

    Actually my favorite Queen so far has got to be MAX. For me she is pretty unique and has her looks down. It’s way too early to predict a Top 3 but just for NOW i see Max, Violet and Katya up there..But we’ll see:)

  • Glenn Gore

    Eh, meh. That’s my reaction to this group. Not a one of them holds a candle to Bianca. That said, I do give credit to the producers for including a whole host of “stout” girls this season instead of just one. With all the “At-Large” drag titles out there in the real world, I am glad to see Drag Race get into the act and give these girls the attention and credit they are working so hard for.

  • CT

    I love Katya so far, because she’s going to have all the good one liners….that I can steal

  • CT

    oh, and have the author and Miss Fame met before? seems like there’s a beef there

  • Maxime Leplomb

    Max, Violet, Katya, Pearl… <3
    Miss Fame seems to be so pretentious… She needs to go, along with Sasha, Kandy and Jasmine!

  • Tommy D

    No beef. I just don’t think she’s a good contender for this show at all. She can’t perform, she can barely walk in heels, and if you’ve watched anything on youtube shes a total let town. shes all face value. Again if I’m wrong I will be the first to admit it, but I don’t like her attitude and I don’t like her.

  • Brendan Moore

    Violet is a bitch. So over her. Kinda wish there were less comedy/kitchy queens and more fishy girls. Seems like every year we get more weird ones and less divas.

  • Tommy D

    Interesting you say that. the “fishy” queen is such a new thing. I find it extremely boring.

  • Geisell

    for me top six is Ginger, Kasha, Kennedy, Violet, Katya and Jasmine(every year we have a dark horse that goes really far in the competition). And i think Jasmine is going to be miss congeniality. And yes, i agree with you when you say that miss fame should not be in this competition, she is not a peformer..and seems to be a very cocky person. she is like a very, very, very, very bad Channel (season 1 and all stars), but the diference is that Channel has talent

  • Jae

    Why did Ru fill this season with young, mean, skinny queens. They would all be a lot nicer if they hadn’t starved themselves in the month leading up to the show. Just eat a cheeseburger and get over yourself already. The Only one I actually like is Ginger. That girl is gorgeous. I hate that we waited this long and now I don’t even want to watch it

  • Dystopian0

    Love your review! Ms Fame is just OBSESSED with looking pretty and we all know how far such queens go. I I don’t see Trixie as top 6 material – I’d say Mrs K. Davies or Kennedy will take that spot even though Kennedy’s been just okay so far (considering how Jasmine freaked when she came on). Hated the challenge though, they should have stuck to the photoshoot/sewing challenge combo.

  • Yaaas

    Where is everyone watching Untucked?

  • Guest of the Moment

    Really Jasmine as Miss congeniality? Seriously? Not a f-ing chance!!