RuPaul’s Drag Race 7 Episode 3 Recap: ShakesQUEER


Before I begin this post I have to let you know a little something about my TV watching: I will give everything a chance if I have interest in it. Everything gets 3 episodes to catch me before I make a decision on if I want to continue watching it or not. After last night’s 3rd episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7 I can safely say that I think I am over drag race. After 7 years on the air with some of the most incredible queens I’ve ever seen doing some of the funniest and most entertaining challenges, I believe that RuPaul’s Drag Race is on its way out. Gone are the days of really great one liners, cliques forming to create drama, original challenges, and above it all integrity. The last one may seem like it doesn’t belong but I’m going to explain to you what I mean.

One thing that I never really liked about drag race is the lack of diversity in its drag competitors. Except for Season 1 and the absolutely flawless Nina Flowers, we never really get to see androgynous drag. That became the norm as the seasons progressed. We got a lot more fish and that’s totally fine. I believe RuPaul wanted to appeal to the mainstream market and what better way to do that than by showing them a very pretty, tame and safe form of drag. There was so real freak drag, androgynous drag, or original drag and I believe that it was because it would not have crossed over to the mainstream. I truly believe that. Once in a while we would get hints of something different (Milk), but nothing that was so groundbreaking or fresh as Nina was in Season 1. Every week the contestants would walk down the runway and they would get critiqued, and anytime someone evoked even a little bit of masculinity or androgyny they would get read the house down. “You have a boy body”, “I’m not getting woman”, “This is not a good female illusion” etc. etc. Anything that comes out of Michelle’s mouth or Santino’s mouth was always pretty much that. Even as recent as episode 1 when the challenge was come out naked, and Violet CAME OUT NAKED, she got read by Michelle for being too boy. I am not a huge fan of Violet’s and I thought that was such bullshit. Drag Race has always wanted a certain look and that’s totally fine.

Then came last night. The challenge was to wear a fucking beard on the main stage. I was infuriated. I don’t understand how one week they could criticize someone for showing a bit of boy body and then the next week saying put on a full beard? Not to mention for chastizing and eliminating anyone from previous seasons who was anything other than a pretty girl. And what about including those bearded queens that I’m sure are applying every single year and really making a statement. For a show to completely deny a whole cross section of drag entry for fear of not being “fish” enough (allegedly), and then creating last night’s challenge (and everyone except for a couple executing it absolutely horrendously) which does not make sense at ALL with the brand, and the kicker for me was neither RuPaul OR Michelle Visage wore any facial hair. Why wouldn’t you take part in the challenge? That would’ve been such a great moment and it was so missed. Hell, I’m sure Kat Dennings would’ve worn a beard, she’s that kind of girl.

I have lost almost all faith in this show. Season 7 has been almost offensive to me and to so many viewers. This is not what we expect from one of the most groundbreaking shows on television. These challenges are all just recycled (badly) from previous seasons, the entertainment value has pretty much hit the floor, and the contestants this year pale in comparison to the previous seasons. There is no one in the competition that deserves to title this year- no one. Everyone is so mediocre. I cannot believe that THIS is the best that America has to offer (well, the best “fish” anyway.) Arguably one of the most popular contestants on this season is asleep half the time, I don’t understand how this is ok? How is THIS season the next generation of drag? It boggles my mind.

I am a super fan of this show. I watch it, study it, write about it, book the queens, have made some great friends with some of these queens and truly TRULY almost idolize some of these queens. I think it has done wonders for the drag community, the trans community and the rest of gay and lesbian community. Like I said it was groundbreaking and really clever television when it started, and now it’s a a former shadow of itself and it breaks my heart to watch it sink. I’m really REALLY hoping that it turns around but like I said, 3 episodes in and I’m not invested in anyone like I have been in previous seasons. That is a problem.

Max won last night. Jasmine and Kennedy had to lip sync in the most contrived bottom 2 ever (let’s get the friends to do it against each other for drama) with Jasmine going home, and while Untucked delivered a BIT of drama, it still really sucks.

Time to step it up drag race, because if not you’re going to start losing viewers.

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  • Kristina xo

    My fav part of this recap is that there’s not actually any recap. haha. Get em tommy gurrr!

  • CT

    I’m still loving this season, but I will agree it’s not as strong as last season. I miss the older queens being motherly to the younger ones. I loved Bianca being motherly to Adore last season and mentoring her. but last nights episode seemed to have the older queens out for blood against the younger ones, and except for Violet, I’m not sure they deserve that. I also think Kennedy and Jasmine deserved to be in the bottom, obviously Kennedy did horrible as team leader, and Jasmine was just a mess during the challenge. I think my top 3 have become Minj, Katya, and Max. Loved Max giving the pep talk to Jaidynn. Miss Fame and Trixie are also growing on me more with each episode.

  • Brett

    So your criticizing the show for inconsistent judging? That’s been going on since season one. It’s a hallmark of every reality competition show for that matter. I loved the bearded drag queen runway. It was a nice way of paying homage to a niche of drag that isn’t represented very often. RPDR has always been a television show first and a drag competition second.

    This season isn’t any more contrived than previous seasons (Kennedy vs. Jasmine PALES in comparison to the whole Alysa vs. Coco setup) … and while the challenges have been recycled, I’ve loved the fresh take on them. The airline number was hilariously campy and the Shakesqueer challenge was a delightful hot mess.

    I also love that there isn’t an immediate standout this season. It was so obvious Bianca was taking the crown last year. It’s really anyone’s game this go around. It makes it all the more exciting.

    Sorry for the long post. I’m living for this season and don’t understand all the hate.

  • Radar

    Now talk about an OVERDRAMATIC gay guy -__-‘ It’s not the best season SO FAR and you are like “OMG the drag community is represented so badly…..I JUST noticed that the judges critique is not always fair…I lost faith in this season even tho it only aired 3 episodes…I can’t believe that in the third week no one is already as polished as a previous winner” (like anyone before entered the first episode and everyone was like SHE IS THE WINNER -_-‘)

    I think it’s just disrespectful of you to not let the contestants of this season grow and learn…because if you wanna see well rounded drag queen professionals you should watch something else instead. Also it sounds pretty pressed that you wanna see fights between the contestants just to entertain you. I mean the drama in Untucked wasn’t BIG ENOUGH for you.

    So if anything about this season is lackluster it’s your recaps. Just don’t be ignorant and be professional and write a normal recap or don’t talk about it at all. This is complete BS and unprofessional.

  • Glenn Gore

    I will agree that none of the queens this season are as remotely memorable as some from past seasons. Bianca del Rio, Adore, Alaska, Raven, et al are hard acts to follow. I can’t even tell most of these queens apart, even after 3 episodes, and you know, I am fine with that, I don’t really care about this group.

    That said, to 99.9% of the gay community, the term “drag queen” refers to a guy in a dress doing lip-sync female impersonation on-stage any Saturday night in a gay bar in Anywhere, USA. Maybe there are enclaves where there are queens like Ornacia, Milk, and “club kids” (whatever that is), etc in a few places, but that is FAR from the norm around the country from my experience. I see guys dressed up in drag in the bars here on Saturday night, they aren’t there to perform, just doing it “because”, and that’s fine, that’s their gig. To expect that Drag Race be made up only of one type of drag contestant, or of solely pageant queens or other exclusive types doesn’t make any sense.

    Some of this bunch of queens have acknowledged that they don’t know anything about performing on-stage. What do they do at home, just dress up and go stand in a bar as “art”??? BO-ring! Give me a girl who can do herself up, create a believable illusion and ENTERTAIN a crowd any old day. That’s what the world (and Ru, evidently) wants to see. Drag Race is Ru’s “brand” and she is looking for someone who can sell that brand and go out on tour to do just that, and entertain in the process. An “art-piece poseur” just can’t do that.

  • Glenn Gore

    It’s hard to be motherly when the youngsters wear their ignorance proudly and don’t give a whit about anything the older queens have to say, but I agree, those “teachable moments” were great to see.

  • DW

    I was done last week watching. I’m “reading around” hoping something will entice me to watch again :-(… but honestly the past 2 episodes have felt like… a drag(?)… and not the good kind.

    I just feel that this season has been lazy and none of the queens are endearing enough to keep watching, let alone memorable.

    I prefer seasons with a lot more runway-heavy challenges tbh. I find that if the queens are likeable enough, I can listen to them bitching in the workroom while they make their works of art!

    My favourite seasons that have past:
    1) Season 3 – flawless runway, lovable set of queens, Manila Luzon, dream top 4, lots of sewing/creative challenges!
    2) Season 4 (close 2nd) – the queens were entertaining and the challenges were fun! Sharon, Latrice and Willam made the season fun to watch!
    3) Season 6 – Bianca del Rio! Rap challenge! This had my favourite Snatch Game and favourite comedy challenge from the seasons.
    4) Season 2 (close 4th) – awesome season! Wedding challenge!
    5) Season 1 – where it all began! Diverse set of queens! This was still a great season, don’t get me wrong :-)!

    6) Season 5 – Jinkx, Alaska and Alyssa made the season watchable to the end.

    7) All-Stars – no.

  • Guest of the Moment

    I really think this is way too harsh about the queens and the season. And I think it is way too early to say that no one is worthy. What about Ginger, Katya and Max? I think they are great. My favorite is Ginger at this point. As for the challenges, I did not like the nude one but loved the runway start and thought many of them did great on that. As for the Shakequeer one, I did not like it at all but maybe that was more about the performance. The worst queen by far in my not humble opinion is Jasmine Masters and I am so happy to see her out the damn door! Anyway, lets all give this season a fair chance before we declare the Race pretty much over! We have no idea where it will go from here. I do however miss the old Untucked. This is like the Rent-a-center version of Untucked only with worse furniture!!