Well it’s here. After months of competition, a couple weeks of reruns and recaps, endless drama and some of the best/worst drag I’ve seen on tv we have a winner for the 5th season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Before we get to the winner let’s recap a bit or the reunion shall we?

As is tradition we have a reunion episode where we get one last moment to see our Season 5 queens on the tube before they disappear into reality TV history (except for Alyssa, who is getting her own spinoff ALLEGEDLY!). I have to tell you I actually completely forgot that half of those queens were even on the show. But I guess that’s what happens when you get eliminated at the beginning.

First up were Penny Tration, Serena Blah Blah and Monica Beverly Hillz. Monica was the only one I remembered pretty much because of her big revelation of being trans. And after explaining the difference RuPaul proclaimed that they no longer care if you’re trans or a man and are submitting to be on the show. Which I have a little issue with trans woman who have had surgery competing with men who haven’t or haven’t as much (unless you’re Detox, sorry bout it) it’s kind of like cheating. I would strongly urge RuPaul to have a trans show, or maybe Candis Cayne? That could be CUTE!

Next up were…OMG who got booted off next? Vivenne, Honey and Lineysha. Blah blah Kaftan the fishiest queen something in Spanish. Who cares. It was then Jade and Ivy. Jade I forgot about but Ivy I did remember because she was such a sweet heart, and that got her crowned Miss Congeniality. I FULLY though it was going to Alyssa Edwards because she was the funniest this entire season but alas I was wrong.

Speaking of Alyssa, her and Coco were up next. Yes they are friends now (shocking I know) but I’m still Team Alyssa on this one. She is just too much and I adore her. Coco addressed the Dorito face (and had a really stupid Corito bag…get it? Dorito + Coco = one bad joke?) and said now that she had it down. Sure, why not!

After that is was Detox. Detox stole the entire show from underneath everyone with her grayscale look. Honestly she was a walking black and white movie and in my opinion, one of the best looks EVER from a Drag Race star. It was uncanny. She talked about…I don’t remember I couldn’t stop looking at her. Flawless.

Cut to Andrew Christian boys twerking to Peanut Butter (the best RuPaul song ever) and we’re back with the final three. Alaska, Jinkx and Roxxxy. Alaska talked about Sharon, Jinkx talked about her family, Roxxxy talked about her drag mother the LEGENDARY Erica Andrews who passed away. It was all very touching. Roxxxy and Jinkx hugged it out, Alaska pipped in with some cute one liners. All was well with the final three. It was time to crown a winner…and the winner of RPDR5 is….JINKX MONSOOOOOON!

Obviously, the most obvious winner ever. Am I upset? No I think she’s great, but I will always be Team Roxxxy! Condragulations to Jinkx Monsoon! You know me I love a good Pacific Northwest queen!

Well that’s it from me racers until All Stars (hopefully). Don’t forget to follow me on twitter @TommyD!

PS – When Ru was announcing the past winner, how funny was it that Chad got the least amount of cheers? #TeamRAVEN FOREVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!