Did you catch my post yesterday? If not the you missed the full cast reveal of the newest season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. With All Stars wrapping up (Thank god, not the best season. They’re going to need to switch it up next year) it’s time for a new flock of queens to start taking over the scene.

In the new Legendary Goddesses trailer, RuPaul calls upon her “Titans of Tucking“, her “Deities of Devastation” to come forth upon the world. It’s SO cheesy I just love it. The budgets are getting bigger because this is the best trailer yet. I’ve got my favourites already picked out, and I also have my most annoying already picked out. If you haven’t seen the newest cast check out the trailer below., and don’t forget to check out my Season 5 Cast post to check them all out closeup!

SIDENOTE: Is Ru wearing the same gold outfit under that toga as she did in the S4 trailer?

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