RuPaul’s Drag Race 5 Episode 12: The Final Three

I’m totally late this week with my RuPaul’s Drag Race recap probably because I’m so deflated from the end of this season that I might’ve just given up completely. My favorite doesn’t stand a chance to win so why bother right?

As in previous years the final three had lunch with Ru (Tic Tacs…yet again. New shtick please), a sit down with Gloria Allred, they had to film a court scene playing three different characters (another acting challenge), and film RuPaul’s new video for “Beginning.”

Roxxxy destroyed the music video
Jinkx owned the acting/courtroom scene
Alaska was the best on the runway where she had to defend he case and read the other two.

I just don’t even care. The end of this season has been such a mess that I’m not even interested in who wins anymore and I’m going to tell you why.

  • If Roxxxy wins (which she won’t, doesn’t stand a chance) everyone will hate on her.
  • If Jinkx wins people will complain that she got lucky with all the acting and comedy challenges.
  • If Alaska wins, everyone will just say SHARON’S BOYFRIEND REALLY?!?

So no matter what it’s going to be a season where no one is happy.

I have said it from the beginning that I favored Roxxxy. I loved that she’s SO draggy, and her looks have been hands down the best and she is the most polished as a rounded queen. She actually was a STRONG contender for the crown up until the top 4. I will be the first to admit that she shot herself in the foot big time these last two weeks. Whether it’s editing or whatever, my favorite doesn’t stand a chance at winning. She completely lost the audience which mean she completely lost the crown. Such a shame.

The front runner right now is Jinkx, who I do enjoy. She’s hilarious, is a completely realized character and a wonderful actress. She’s definitely not as polished in her craft as Roxxxy, but she has been the most successful this season.

Alaska. Oh Alaska. I have always had an internal struggle with Alaska since she was announced on the show. Alaska auditioned 4 times for the show and the season after Sharon won she got on. This isn’t a coincidence and everyone knew that. However she has come into her own as one of the funniest contestants the show has ever had. She, like Sharon, is totally rough around the edges and again isn’t as polished as Roxxxy, but that doesn’t matter.

In my rong>bonkers world this is what I think is the current climate is.

  • Jinkx – 60% Chance
  • Alaska 30% Chance
  • Roxxxy 10% Chance

This isn’t based on any real math just what I can see right now on social media. We aren’t going to know for two weeks what happens and I am not recapping the recap episode because those episodes are a waste. Instead I am going to watch this gif over and over again, and think about what could’ve been.

Lest we Forget

  • Psychodingo

    Oh Tommy, you seem really bitter :o(
    I agree that Roxxxy is the most polished but she was such a b**** these last episodes. She was my favourite too at the beginning but she quickly lost my support. Her mistake is to take drag too seriously. And I’m afraid she doesn’t have a strong enough knowledge of gay culture.
    Alaska would have been a serious contender if she had been featured more from the start.
    Jinkx is not as good as the others when it comes to looks but she has many other talents.
    We’re not getting a Raja or a Sharon Needles this year, but don’t let that bring your mood down and just enjoy what we have !
    Any thoughts on Miss Congeniality ?

  • RadaR

    Roxxxy shot herself these last two weeks???? GUURL she was a BIATCH ever since the show started. And the letter she wrote last week even more shows how fake she REALLY is. The NOT-REALLY highlight of this weeks episode was the “I’m sorry Jinkx” in front of the judges..DAMN this girl is predictable!

    Miss Congeniality will be Ivy Winters! No doubt about it…she was the only one who caused absolutely NO DRAMA!

  • JMC

    Roxxxy: All look, no substance. Boring as bat shit which I’ve said since day one, hugely unfunny and a basic bitch on the runway with big fake titties and a big fat ass. The hair is often very similar, the make-up the same. She’s not original nor is she classic, guh bye!

    Jinkx: Pandora 2.0, the sad clown. Nothing worse than someone who thinks they’re a comedian who isn’t funny. America’s Next Drag Superstar should have inner fortitude, strength, and muttering ‘water off a ducks back’ to oneself, out loud no less, isn’t a strong contender.

    Alaska: The dark horse who deserves the win. Someone who has so much love for not just drag but this competition. People keep breaking down the final challenges with each queen winning one aspect but really Alaska did in my opinion better than Jinkx in the courtroom. The Sharon comparisons are done, she proved she’s her own woman and she has a distinctly different style and comic nature too. How fabulous for there to be a first royal couple of drag.

    I truly believe in Ru’s reasoning and taste and that’s why I have hope that he’ll crown Alaska after all. As for this bitter post regarding Roxxxy, get over it, she let her bitch out of the bag but don’t fret she is no Phi-Phi O’Hara and by the reunion she’ll have made peace with the public.


  • Look at it this way; if everyone on the show was nice and polite, there would be no show. As long as Roxxxy can bring it come show time, she’s a deserving winner in my books.

  • Rowsdower1

    Roxxxy is the most polished of the queens, but she lost her chances at the crown the moment she decided to pick on the underdog; Jinkx. No one likes a bully, and Roxxxy should have known after watching this show, bullies never win. This has been one of the best seasons so far, but because of my work schedule at DISH, I’m not home in time to catch it. I ride the train home, and the trip is pretty long. Because of this, I’ve been able to catch up on RuPaul’s Drag Race with DISH Anywhere on my iPad. It’s great having access to my favorite television shows, and I can watch them whenever I want; it makes the long ride home fun.

  • Rebel

    It’s not personal. It’s drag.

  • Jek

    I am really rooting for Alaska. I can’t put my finger on it, but I just can’t join in on this WE LOVE JINKX bandwagon. I mean, she is really talented etc, but Alaska still gets my vote.

  • Jarlath

    When people say Roxxxy is polished, do they mean a cliché? She’s predictable and seems to have no other talent aside from having the ability to transform herself into a pageant queen pastiche. I don’t care that that she’s bitter and bullies others. She’s just dull.

  • gat0

    Dear After Elton–please let me write real recaps next season. I will even do them for free.

  • gat0

    000ps homorazzi my bad i guess thats a no then huh??

  • HAHAHA That’s a hell no. You don’t even know who you’re insulting.

    hit the road.

  • Jack

    I don’t think Roxxxy in reality was this ‘super polished’ queen. She had lots of great runways, but like two or three that were meh at best, her highlights were serving Carrot Cake Manila realness, due to the fact that it looked like she popped a damn bag of flour up in her face, her eyeliner was so dark and harsh and her lashes were so gigantic that you could never see her eyes.
    All that aside, her aesthetic was the most polished of the top three queens. I’ve stopped hating on her for her actions, because really, the only one who has any right to bash her for them is Jinkx, and they settled their issues, so why bother at this point.

    I’m still rooting for Jinkx, not because ‘She is the nice one.’ but because she is the most real this season. Not to mention I identify with her moreso than I did Sharon even, who was my previous favorite. She’s funny, awkward and misunderstood, but has such a sweet and kind heart to her, and no matter what challenge came her way, she always did her best and never played it little or safe to get by. She has shown she has the raw charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent needed to win this show. Her looks is deficient, but of all the queen who had an aesthetic issue, she still overcame it for the majority of the second half of the season, which is more than can be said for Pandora Boxx in season two.

    I love Alaska too, but personally, I feel she has only been a late-game contender, if she had kicked it into high gear earlier then I might have still had her as my favorite, but I think the first episode summed up the whole experience for her. Weak and gave up in the beginning, did very well by the end but missed a few things and couldn’t snatch the win.

    I think that’s the most fair way to say my opinion as a Jinkx fan without bashing Roxxxy unfairly like the majority of us still do. Get a grip, get a life and get over it.

    Oh, and water off a duck’s back! <3

  • JMC

    If goddamn Jinkx wins I’m gonna have that [email protected]&king duck for dinner.

  • ddiamondt

    Roxxxy is a mean person – and very cruel. When did it become okay to make fun of someone’s medical condition? Roxxy’s mom had it right by leaving that narcissic mean and petty bitch on the bus stop.

  • You’re ridiculous. You think Roxxxy is cruel, and yet you feel she should’ve been left at that bus stop? I think it is you coal that is cruel.

  • Azirafel

    I think after the whole season’s ups and downs, when it comes down to it, Alaska pulled out from the pack. He is actually a really unique queen, with a touch of Alan Cumming cuteness from his “masculine” side. He needs some polishing here and there, yes, but that’s something that he can learn, gain, be taught and then embrace (and would if given that chance). What Roxxxy needs, sadly there is no fixing. She refuses to grow and has shown in this show that what you see is what you get…I think the other queens are still maturing…Roxxxy’s done….and that’s not a good thing. Jinx is funny and very entertaining, but I don’t know, Alaska really out shined her in the last few challenges. I though Alaska was funnier, more glamorous, more hard core when asked to be, and more confident…and I really feel the confidence is essential!!!!! At the end, Alaska brought it, the others felt like they were missing something. I think she has what it takes. Team Alaska…for the win!!!!!!