I’m totally late this week with my RuPaul’s Drag Race recap probably because I’m so deflated from the end of this season that I might’ve just given up completely. My favorite doesn’t stand a chance to win so why bother right?

As in previous years the final three had lunch with Ru (Tic Tacs…yet again. New shtick please), a sit down with Gloria Allred, they had to film a court scene playing three different characters (another acting challenge), and film RuPaul’s new video for “Beginning.”

Roxxxy destroyed the music video
Jinkx owned the acting/courtroom scene
Alaska was the best on the runway where she had to defend he case and read the other two.

I just don’t even care. The end of this season has been such a mess that I’m not even interested in who wins anymore and I’m going to tell you why.

  • If Roxxxy wins (which she won’t, doesn’t stand a chance) everyone will hate on her.
  • If Jinkx wins people will complain that she got lucky with all the acting and comedy challenges.
  • If Alaska wins, everyone will just say SHARON’S BOYFRIEND REALLY?!?

So no matter what it’s going to be a season where no one is happy.

I have said it from the beginning that I favored Roxxxy. I loved that she’s SO draggy, and her looks have been hands down the best and she is the most polished as a rounded queen. She actually was a STRONG contender for the crown up until the top 4. I will be the first to admit that she shot herself in the foot big time these last two weeks. Whether it’s editing or whatever, my favorite doesn’t stand a chance at winning. She completely lost the audience which mean she completely lost the crown. Such a shame.

The front runner right now is Jinkx, who I do enjoy. She’s hilarious, is a completely realized character and a wonderful actress. She’s definitely not as polished in her craft as Roxxxy, but she has been the most successful this season.

Alaska. Oh Alaska. I have always had an internal struggle with Alaska since she was announced on the show. Alaska auditioned 4 times for the show and the season after Sharon won she got on. This isn’t a coincidence and everyone knew that. However she has come into her own as one of the funniest contestants the show has ever had. She, like Sharon, is totally rough around the edges and again isn’t as polished as Roxxxy, but that doesn’t matter.

In my rong>bonkers world this is what I think is the current climate is.

  • Jinkx – 60% Chance
  • Alaska 30% Chance
  • Roxxxy 10% Chance

This isn’t based on any real math just what I can see right now on social media. We aren’t going to know for two weeks what happens and I am not recapping the recap episode because those episodes are a waste. Instead I am going to watch this gif over and over again, and think about what could’ve been.

Lest we Forget