I LOVED THIS EPISODE! It was SO funny and it was such a good idea for the “live audience” episode that they do once a season usually. It was also the reading challenge which I’m happy to say this season was amazing. Everyone did a good job and Alaska outshone them all. It was also the episode where Alaska separated herself from Ro-Laska-Tox which was the little girl group of Roxxxy, Alaska ans Detox. Last week Michelle made it clear that cliques weren’t the way to go so she decided to go Beyonce on their ass, and she won a mini challenge.

However the mini challenge doesn’t really mean anything because the MAIN CHALLENGE is what’s important. The challenge this week was the RuPaul Roast! YES! They all had to come up with jokes to roast RuPaul, all the judges and each other. This was going to be a very important challenge because if you can’t read a bitch as a drag queen, what are you doing in drag? (Ok so it’s not THAT important, but it is a good skill to have).

The work room was interesting because it is where I have officially fallen in love with that cracker jack Alyssa Edwards. I CANNOT with her and her conversations to herself with that overbite. I was laughing the whole time she is just so ridiculous. “OMG Girl I can’t read that. OMG girl that’s too much” and no one has any clue what she’s talking about.

When we get to the main stage, Alaska went up first and was hysterical I totally thought she was going to win. Jinkx did a great job and FINALLY looked amazing (as per Michelle) but it was Coco who came from behind acting like Ru’s busted ass cousin, and she was hysterical. See when Coco and Alyssa aren’t talking about their stupid feud they are both on fire, well sometimes. Alyssa was so bad and she landed in the bottom two with Roxxxy Andrews which hit me in the feels. I did not want my Roxxxy to leave and I knew she had the lipsync in the bag when she TOOK OFF HER WIG TO REVEAL ANOTHER WIG AND STARTED WHIPPING HER HAIR BACK AND FORTH HUNTY! Like I CANNOT with that it was so fierce! However don’t count Alyssa out because she was turning it. So much so that RuPaul let them both stay (after an emotional outburst from Roxxxy about family)

Sidenote: Condolences to Roxxxy Andrews who lost her drag mother Erica Andrews tonight, it’s a big loss for the drag community as Erica was very well known.

So we still have our lucky 7 and next week they have to create their own scents. How much you wanna bet Detox is going to make something rank! I can’t WAIT!

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