Yes I know we missed Serena and Monica with their elimination interviews but due to scheduling conflicts we couldn’t get them. That being said, we found a perfect plan and we are back on schedule with our interviews.

This week we’ve got two fabulous queens for you, Honey Mahogany & Vivienne Pinay who were both sent home this week is a (not so) shocking elimination. The reason I keep saying “not so shocking” is because there were 14 contestants, and Vivienne explains it in her interview so you’ll get the scoop.

Also we talk about Honey’s new single, “It’s Honey“, her collection of caftans & how she felt being the first SFO queen on the show. I’ve also included the new music video for “It’s Honey”! Enjoy everything after the jump!

Honey Mahogany – ‘It’s Honey’ Music Video

Homorazzi Chats With Honey Mahogany

Homorazzi Chats With Vivienne Pinay

*Unfortunately there was a glitch with the audio recording and as a result are not able to share the recording of the interview with you. Our apologies!