Honestly a week without RuPaul’s Drag Race was torture. I can’t believe how boring Monday nights are without it, I have no idea what’s going to happen in May once the show is totally over.

After a week off I was ready for these bitches to turn it, and they did. This week was another group challenge and it was very clever: a TELENOVELA, hysterical. First though we had the mini challenge which was a crying on cue challenge, however Detox made it very real when she talked about her ex boyfriend who has died, a very real vulnerable moment for the strong Detox was incredibly beautiful. She had won the mini challenge along with Alyssa.

The queens were separated into two groups with Detox and Alyssa being captains. Detox has reassembled Rolaskatox and Alyssa got Coco and Jynkx who have been having some drama. The telenovela was directed by RuPaul and legend Maria Conchita Alonso with a special appearance by Wilmer Valderama who despite being a Latin star was absolutely beige in this challenge, yawn.

Standouts were Jinkx (as always) Alaska and Roxxxy who has redeemed herself from being close to the bottom the past couple of weeks. Alyssa and Coco struggled and Detox was alright. As the queens were getting ready for the runway they were picking on Jinkx again because she wanted to do a Day of the Dead look which I thought was incredibly creative, and guess what? The judges LIVED for it naturally. Roxxxy also turned it out on the runway with a very different look with the dark hair and brows and more subdued makeup, I actually loved it. Alaska was alright on the runway but she shined in the telenovela and she was safe along with Roxxxy with Jinkx winning this challenge.

The bottom three this week were Detox with a very strange sombrero thing, Alyssa with a mess of a dress and Coco with a very sleek look. The bottom two were what we were all waiting for this season, the showdown of the year: Alyssa vs. Coco, Coco vs Alyssa. It was a showdown for the generation, and it was good. I knew that Alyssa was going to go home because of the attitude she had on the runway earlier, but honestly I think Alyssa did the better lip sync. Unfortunately Ru thought differently and Alyssa was sent home.

I’m going to miss Alyssa. While she wasn’t one of my favorites ever I think she was better TV than Coco. Where Coco always complained and whined and wahh wahh, Alyssa was hilarious in the moments that were unexpected. The cutaways where she is always eating, the looks in the mirror, and when she makes herself laugh kills me, so I will miss her.

With Jinks’ win tonight she in the first queen this season to win 2 challenges and we can all say now that she is the one to beat. On the runway the queens all said that she was the biggest threat and good for her. Is this the year of the comedy queen to win? I hope so, but I also will always have a soft spot for my Roxxxy.

Next week is the drag mother/daughter episode and we’ve got war veterans. Are they men or women? I don’t know, but I know that it’s going to be a good episode.

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