Which American Idol Alum Is Auditioning For RuPaul’s Drag Race

Reality stars appearing on other reality shows is nothing new. CBS often recycles their more popular stars from “Big Brother” and “Survivor” and has them re-appear on “The Amazing Race“. Then when you factor in the three shows’ All-Stars editions, you keep seeing a few regularly. Some of them even made careers out of it. Boston Rob Mariano anyone?

While the CBS incestuous programming is not surprising, having a talented competitor appear on another show where different “talent” criteria is judged is a bit surprising. You don’t see a lot of “American Idol” and “So You Think You Can Dance” swapping, which brings me to this post.

One former “American Idol” hopeful is temporarily ditching singing and hoping to show off his lip-syncing skills, while strutting in some serious high heels instead. Have any guesses on which Idol alum yet? Well, it shouldn’t be too difficult to narrow down. First, you eliminate all the women and straight males. Then you can check off those “gay” singers who haven’t officially come out yet which brings us to probably a handful of contestants including Clay Aiken and Adam Lambert. While the latter would make a fierce drag queen, it’s not him. Here’s another hint. He appeared on Season 7 and was one of the Top 12 boys. Find out who below.

It’s none other than Danny Noriega from David Cook’s season. The flamboyant singer narrowly missed making the Top 12 and was eliminated on the last night of the semifinals. Now he’s pausing his pop star dreams and focusing on becoming America’s next drag superstar. Watch Noriega’s alter ego Adore Delano’s audition video below. He sorta looks like the love child of Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider and Christina Aguilera circa Lady Marmalade.

If you want to see Adore Delano on the next regular season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” be sure to vote for him. The five hopeful queens with the most votes will be announced on April 30th. Then a second round of voting will take place, with the top queen joining the cast of the fifth season of the Logo reality competition. Be sure to vote, vote, vote for Danny. He was hilarious on Idol, can you imagine him on Drag Race? It’ll be epic.

  • Oh. I thought it was Seacrest joining RDR. Anyway, ain’t he the one who sort of “outed” Ryan Seacrest on live TV? There’s a Youtube video where he, I mean she, was mouthing “so gay” behind Ryan when the latter was commenting on his hair color or whatever…

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    I LOVE HER, I LOVE HER, I LOVE HER, I LOVE HER, cant wait for season 5. Hope she gets in


    love him and now love her! can’t wait for the next season