RuPaul’s Drag Race 4 Episode 9: “Frock The Vote” Recap & Interview

I’m going to preface this post by saying that I have had a rotten day so if I’m a bit more sour than usual I apologize in advice (sorta). Not only that but we had to cancel our weekly viewing party chez house of D because they’re changing the pipes, in short it was already a bad scene here. Then you throw on one of the most bizarre, most useless episodes of Drag Race that I have ever seen and it pretty much solidifies the day as garbage. Honestly what the heck was that nonsense we watched tonight? Now I understand the USA is going through an election year and it’s very current but honestly, the only people I know who can make Drag and Politics work are Joan-E and Hedy Fry.

Now that Willam is gone (for reasons we’re still wondering about) the air in the work room is a bit lighter? Mainly because Phi Phi is a bit less sour. There’s confetti being thrown, and few funny insults and an ass imprint on the mirror. She Mail comes up and it’s another nonsense speech that doesn’t make sense, but you get the feel of the challenge. For the mini challenge the queen had to design a shoe that fit with a Absolut Cocktail they were paired with. I’ll cut it short and just tell you that Phi Phi won for making actually some pretty cute fruit platforms. I don’t even think she won anything did she? (someone correct me please). After the mini challenge it was time for the main challenge, which was to compete for the nomination of the Wig party, so the had to come up with a platform. Honestly it was so stupid, and so dumb because politics are tricky. If you don’t know anything about politics and debate, don’t even try to pretend. Which is why even though I HATED what Chad Michaels did, I understood why he did it.

At the mock debate, Chad was a ridiculou lady pimp (Post Moderm PimpHo much?), Dida was a bit lost, Phi Phi was a RACIST conservative (I’ll get to that in a minute), Sharon was actually really on point, and Latrice was Large and in Charge. Ok Latrice wasn’t that in charge but I love her so much that I can’t be mean to her. The debate was stupid, but I’m going to give the ultimate #FAIL crown to Phi Phi. When asked if who of her competitors she would consider to run with on her ballot if she won the nomination she said she would put one of “THE HELP” on with her, referring to Dida or Latrice because they’re black.

Ok hold up a minute. For those of you who know me in real life you know I don’t shy away from a good politically incorrect joke between friends. There is a time and a place for it and it is most definitely NOT on public television, ESPECIALLY when the joke goes bad. Phi Phi on twitter is saying people need to chill and yeah maybe we do but I ask you this; if a blatant racist joke like that is “OK” to broadcast, then it’s only a matter of time before we get a “FAG” joke on air. Those kinds of jokes are NOT ok in public. I’m sorry Phi Phi but that was incredibly bad form. Moving on…

On the runway the look had to be what they would wear to an inauguration ball. Phi Phi looked great, Dida looked good but a bit out of place (loved her hair though), Chad looked like Glenn Close in the Stepford Wives, Latrice looked like she was supposed to be going to the disco and Sharon looked like she was from another planet. Sharon was named the winner and Dida and Latrice were made to lip sync.

I. Was. Devastated.

I almost cried because I did NOT want Latrice to go home, nor did I want Dida to go home. After a GREAT LSFYL, it was Dida who was sent home, but she went home happy. After the elimination Ru announced that a queen she eliminated was coming back. Wow…I did not see THAT coming (SARCASM). My bet is Kenya. She was sent home WAY too early so I’m hoping it’s her.

This episode was such a throw away. I am very disappointed with it and I hope that next week they will bring it back to wear it needs to be. Until then I’ve got my talk with Dida below and the drag queen gods to pray to and thank for giving Latrice another week.

PS – Imagine if SHANGELA was brought back…I would throw my TV out the window.

Our Elimination Interview With DiDa Ritz

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  • WerkbitchWerk

    It’s Kenya! Why else would they have her write a mean ass letter if they weren’t going to bring her back…

  • Micheal

    I think it’ll be Kenya as well. But I also think it will be a revolving door just like Carmen’s reappearance last year. Kenya doesn’t have the hops to do anything but be fish. I think her make over for her DILF will probably look decent, but if they have to perform an act (especially one that doesn’t involve an epileptic fit), I think she’ll flop. Besides Chad has won 2, Sharon has won 3 and Latrice has won 2, they shouldn’t be going anywhere. Phical Matter I could care less about, but from the season trailer, I know she’s fine.

  • WerkbitchWerk

    What in the season trailer makes you think ole phical is safe???

  • Matt

    Imma glad Dita is gone, she’s useless, next week Phi Phi!!

  • Steph

    It seems that every season there is that queen who makes it far because she’s just pretty: Rebecca Glasscock, Tatiana (although she had her wonderful moments…well, OK – moment), Carmen. I’m pretty sure that Phi Phi is that queen this season.

    @Michael – I will forever refer to Phi Phi as “Phical Matter.” Thank you for that.

  • Micheal

    @WerbitchWerk- The challenge after DILF one, at least according to Wikipedia, is the “Fabulous Bitch Ball” with the dogs, and in the season trailer, there’s a clip with Phical Matter and Chad with their canine companions, so I’m pretty sure she won’t be going home.

    @Steph- I agree, there’s always a pretty queen that makes it too far. Still it’s difficult for me to consider Phical Matter that queen because her lashes are always crooked and she doesn’t exude femininity the way the others did. Anyway, she’s past her expiration date. And don’t think me, thank Phical’s crappy attitude. It was a natural fit. 😉

  • Steph

    @Michael: Agreed! I call her “The Pretty One” because there really is nothing else to call her. When describing the top four to a friend, I remember saying things like, “Sharon is so creative and unexpected!” and “Latrice just commands attention!” and “Chad is just so polished!” Then I get to our little Phical Matter and I just say, “Well, she’s kind of pretty.”

    I think she comes off as even more of a b*tch because the other remaining queens are just so damn likeable and charming!

    Also, I love the “crappy attitude” pun. You, sir, have made my day. 🙂

  • Bitter Lemon

    I wont hear a bad word said against Phi Phi! I WILL hear as many as you got!!! 😉

  • I’m living for these comments haha. Phical Matter.

  • DouggSeven

    Kenya will probably be brought back – but still doesn’t deserve to win. If there is any justice it’ll be Sharon & Chad in the final 2. Both can hold their own in terms of talking and looking the part. Sharon having the advantage in the personality department and Chad having the edge in the looks department.

  • Wesley

    Phical Matter is good, though we’ve been referring to her as Queefy O’Hara. I don’t care who comes back. Just give Sharon the crown already.

  • Mike

    Just an FYI – I love you guys to death, but I stopped watching these “interviews” because they never work right!!!

    I can only hear Dida’s side of the interview….get it together guys!

  • Clayton

    The way to make a joke like that work is to put the joke on your character for being ignorant enough to say it. Phi Phi is neither smart nor talented enough to pull off that sort of nuance. I felt embarrassed for Santino when he said he liked it and I loved the dirty look Michelle gave him.

    What the fuck was up with this whole challenge? What was their judging criteria? Were they supposed to be serious? Funny? Ironic? Sincere? Was the tone supposed to be closer to the magazine challenge or the pride challenge? I still couldn’t figure it out after watching the whole fucking episode.

    And @Mike your right audio must be out.

  • @Mike fix your speakers, jiggle the cord. One speaker is up one speaker is dida.

    @Clayton This challenge was pointless. It had nothing to do with anything.

  • WerkbitchWerk

    I can hear it! You’re all good!

    @Michael…. hilarious!!! So whoever they bring back has to be going home either that or it’s Latrice or Sharon…. and lets face it… that aint happenin!!! Unless Ru does the old “No one goes home yay”

  • Clayton’s right (as is tommy obvi), there was NO accurate direction for this challenge and i don’t blame the queens for being a bit lost. Half the time they want a joke and the other times they’re furious if that’s the way they take it.

    They’ll likely bring Kenya I agree with that and that bitch letter DOES make more sense with that lens…

    tommy, i was TOTES worried for latrice though that song was MADE for her to do. Dida did a good job but that song was all about latrice.

  • Kristina

    Just give me back my Willam!!