OOOOOK BEYONCE! After tonight’s episode there is only one question on everyone’s lips… WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO WILLAM? Before I get to that let’s recap this week. It was all about FRENEMIES, which is a topic I know a lot about, hell half of the bitches on this site are my frenemies (whatever.) Each of the final 6 were set up to a lie detector, made to answer questions and we paired up with the opposite: Latrice with Willam, Chad with Dida and (shock of all shock) Phi Phi with Sharon. As a duo they had to sing live to a song called So Much Better, so you know exactly what kind of a performance it was going to be. A club style cabaret performance, cute choreography, some singing and call it a day.

Oh the main stage Ru looked AMAZING and was joined by Pamela Anderson, Jennifer Tilly and Lucian Piane (Ru’s producer) As the queens started performing they actually did pretty good. Latrice and Willam were hilarious, Dida and Chad were great (their voices are SO low) and Phi Phi and Sharon…well they didn’t do so well. They tried so hard and it was surprising because Phi Phi is actually a great singer. Latrice and Willam were named the winners while Sharon and Phi Phi were asked lip sync. It was the battle of the decade and it would’ve been a shame to see either go.


After the LSFYL, Ru called Willam down to the front and in a CRAZY twist was DISQUALIFIED FROM THE SHOW!. W.T.F! My Twitter and FB EXPLODED! What did Willam do? Why was he disqualified? What rule did he break? I DON’T KNOW!  But I have my theories, I think it was communication with the outside world. During reality shows you gotta turn in your computers, phones, iPads everything. For the 3 weeks of filming they are not allowed to communicate with anyone, and I think Willam did. That’s what I heard months ago on the blog-o-sphere and it’s the one that would make sense. The only other rule that could’ve been broken was the biological man rule, but I don’t think Willam is taking hormones, you know beard and all. The really annoying thing is that throughout the Untucked they wouldn’t tell you, and they aren’t going to tell you until the reunion. I’m going to try to get it out him tomorrow, he already broke one rule – why not another one.

Anyway after this week I think I want the top 3 to be LATRICE, SHARON and DIDA. Phi Phi is just SO angry and Chad is fading into the background a bit.

So there you have it, here’s what I was able to get it out of Willam in our chat this morning:

Our Interview With Willam

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