Drag Race Season 4: Meet The Queens

Last week, Tommy informed us about the alter-egos for the upcoming fourth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Now, the official list of cast members for the new season is out and we’ve got your first look at the Queens.

In addition to the introduction videos you’ll find below, we’ve also included the sexy new Season 4 trailer that makes this season look like it could be the best yet. In the futuristic clip, RuPaul walks into her control room and with the push of a few buttons like “sickening” and “werk“, she begins the Drag Droid Construction. Once complete she says, “They’re alive!” These queens all look fierce and I can’t wait to see them all in action.

For now, check out the trailer below and then watch the videos of each of the queens to get to know them a little better. Who’s your favorite queen from Season 4? Vote below!

Who's Your Favorite Drag Queen From "RuPauls's Drag Race" Season 4?

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Alisa Summers

23, Tampa, FL @alisasummers

Chad Michaels

40, San Diego, CA @chadmichaels1

Dida Ritz

25, Chicago, IL @HelloDiDa

Jiggly Caliente

30, Queens, NY @JigglyCaliente

Kenya Michaels

21, Dorado, Puerto Rico @Kenya_Michaels

Lashauwn Beyond

21, Tampa, FL @LashauwnBeyond

Latrice Royale

39, Ft. Lauderdale, FL @LatriceRoyale

Madame LaQueer

29, Carolina, Puerto Rico @MadameLaQueer


36, New York, NY @DwayneMilan

Phi Phi O’Hara

25, Chicago, IL @PhiPhiOhara

The Princess

32, Chicago, IL @TheDragPrincess

Sharon Needles

29, Pittsburgh, PA @SHARON_NEEDLES


29, Los Angeles, CA @willambelli

  • Mike

    The first couple of videos were ho-hum. Being from Chicago Im kinda please to see so many girls from the Chi!

    Alisa Summers – I like her..seems sweet

    Chad Michaels – eh!

    Dida Rtz – bleh *yeah chicago* thats bout it

    Jiggly Caliente – opened her mouth and my frist thought was LAAAAZY!!! negative!

    Kenya Michaels – They Yara Sofia compete again??

    Lashawn Beyond – Boring

    Latrice – eww…typical “big girl” who think they are going to “bring it and represent” bleh!

    Madame LaQueer – Out of all the big girls, she is my favorite…very “telenovela” and I love it!

    Milan – “nice girl”

    Phi Phi O’hara – Love her confidence (top favs)

    The Princess – Love her look!

    Sharon Needles – LOVE HER!!!! creepy, funny…love my fav!!

    Willam – My 2nd fav…FUNNY!! love her attitude

    Overall only a few standouts….expected more…still going watch! 😉

  • Emily

    Sharon Needles!! She was on Project Runway!!! I believe it was Season 5. (the drag queen challenge, obvi!)

  • Ari

    Sharon has my vote as well! I couldn’t get through all the girls videos but her’s was so off kilter that I had to watch it again!

  • Nicolas

    Thank you so much HomoRazzi for posting this!

    OK, queens that have stood out for me:

    Madame LaQueer, Sharon Needles (seriously LOL), Willam.

    I think Madame LaQueer could be my favourite…

    Alisa Summers/Phi Phi O’Hara are really really pretty.

    By the looks of it, RuPaul is offering a greater variety of queens this time since Season 1…

    I’m really looking forward to this Season, and I hope it doesn’t lose steam! 🙂



  • Randy

    Sharon Needles was not on Project Runway. Different Girl – Same Name.

  • Gary

    The Princess ALL THE WAY!!

  • Jai Martinez

    Looked Up Each Girl On Youtube. Well At Least The Queens That Actually Had Videos. Lets Just Say This Season Is Going To Be Great And Im To Excited To Tune In.This Should Be The Best Yet ! Now For My Opinion.

    Alisa Summers- She Is Real Pretty But She Isnt That Good Of A Preformer. She Reminds Me Of A Queen That Walks Around And Does A Move Here And There.

    Chad Michaels- She Just Reminds Me Of Every Other Old Queen Pulling Off Cher.Nothing Ground Breaking!

    Dida Ritz-She Seems Not Ready To Be On This Show !

    Jiggly Caliente- We Need Someone Like This On The Show ! Seems Like She Will Be The Peace Maker :)! But Dont Fuck With Her <3..

    Kenya Michaels-I Wasnt To Sure Of Her At First But When I Youtubed Her This Girl Can Work And She Will Be In The Top 3 for Sure !

    Lashauwn Beyond- She Is The Cute. Hopefully She Will Be In The top 5!

    Latrice Royale- She Has A Good Entertainment Vibe But I Was Watching Her You Tube Videos And She Can Not Do What Skinny Girls Can Do! I LOve My Big Girls But When You Start Talking About Kicks,Leaps and Splits Well You Better Know How To Talk And Walk With What You Say. Because Your Splits Are Not All That ! Painted The House Down Tho .

    Madame Laqueer-She is my Choice Out Of The Big Girls, Her Make Up Was The Only ONe That Stood Out TO Me! I HOpe To see Her In The TOp 3 As Well!

    Milan-O Lordt! Yall Girls Remind Me Of Destineys Child Competing to be the best solo artist lol ,Dida Ritz as(Mitchelle),Lashauwn Beyond as(Beyonce) And You as( Kelly.)

    Phi-Phi O'hara-This Is The Girl To Compete With! Yes She May Have Attitude ,But Its More Than That She Is Hungry For That Crown. She Has Her Eye On The Prize And She Will Do What Ever She Has TO Do To Be The Next Rupauls Drag Queen Season 4! I Cant Wait To See Her Show The World What The Mother Fucking Deal Is So Everyone Grab A Cup Cause She Is GOing TO Poor YOu SOme Hot Tea :)! My # 1 Choice ! And The Best Painted Out Of All The Girls! She Came Ready Unlike Some Girls! #imjustsayin

    The Princess- This Girl Seems Cool But She Also Seems To Full Of HERself For No Reason ! I seen Her youtubevideos And She Doesnt Have Alot TO Offer With Or Without a wig ! I Think She Just Wanted Attention with the whole Bald Head!She Is MY Least Faviorite! She Seems Like Tooo Much Drama!

    Sharon Needles-She Is The Definition Of A Drag Queen! She Sure DOes Know How To Switch On That Creative Switch ! I Can wait To See Her ! Shes Got Character!

    William- You Fit The Prostitude Part SMH. Being A Queen You Would Think She Would Try And Steer Out Of That Direction it Just Makes The LGBTQ Community Look Like Trash !

    Well Thats what I Have TO SAy About This Season So I Cant Wait! Good Luck Girls Remember You Have No Friends On The Show !!! Mwahz..

  • all us bitches just keep telling our new fans to come and vote here for us. lol.
    hot trash,

  • FEnix

    @William Hunny the only hot trash is you ! EndOf Story ! Go Prostitute or what ever it is you do with your ugly ass!

  • Cody Allen

    What’s with the hate on Willam? Bitch was on fire! Her and Sharon Needles are super fab, the end.

  • Jazzy

    The Only Thing William Has On Fire Will Be That Crazy Ass Hair She Gots Going On !

  • Maxwell

    Um, The Princess was only gone for two weeks…

  • Maxwell

    Cody, Sharon and Willam are my favs!

  • Kyle

    FEnix =PHI PHI ?

  • Fenix

    Umm No Not Phi Phi ! but she is awsome one of my top favs 🙂

  • Kyle

    Of course she is ; )

  • Chris

    Phi Phi reminds me of Rebecca Glasscock.

  • Jonesie

    Sharon Needles is the only stand out in the bunch. Hope she lasted more than 2 or 3 episodes!

  • Grant

    Congrats to Phi Phi O’Hara on winning!

  • Jan

    If she won she must have improved greatly from when this video was filmed. I feel like she’s interviewing for a job. Very boring and run of the mill!

  • Randy Gentile


  • LunDunUrr

    Queens I’m looking out for:
    *Jiggly Caliente (anyone who reps Pokémon gets an instant like)
    *Willam (will definitely be entertaining to say the least)
    *Sharon Needles (nuff said)
    *Latrice Royale (she seems like she’ll be a bitch when crossed)
    *Madame LaQueer (amazing!)

    I think big gurls are truly representing this Season! I hope a big girl makes it top 3. Only achievements so far- SLM won a challenge and Delta made it to 7th place… so… anyone who makes 6th place I guess will hold the record…