RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 3: Meet The Drag Queens

Gentlemen…start your engines!

Yesterday RuPaul released the next 12 queens who would be on Drag Race and inevitably be shot into a stratosphere of gay fame that only a few know. As Homorazzi Drag Race specialist, I am back to report on season 3. I may not have liked season 2 (like at all except for a few girls), so I’m hoping and praying that this next season will be better.

Right away I can tell you that once again, Ru has stuck to mainly the “fish queen”. If you don’t know that term, it essentially means someone who’s gonna look like a real girl. There really isn’t much edge, there’s no real standout fierce looking (like REALLY fierce looking) queen. I don’t know why they haven’t chosen one. Nina Flowers was the only one from season 1 and she is still one of if not THE most popular from the series. It gives people something different. Maybe Ru was scared of a little competition?

Either way, here is the list of the 12 finalists for season 3. Some I know, some I know of, and some I’ve never seen before this. But I’ve done my research and listened to their interviews. Here is my first impressions!


Alexis is from Florida, she’s bringing the Miami heat! She’s one of the 2 (yes 2!) Puerto Rican Latina Queens this season. Her interview didn’t really stand out much to me. I’m neither here nor there with this one right now.


At first glance, I SWEAR I thought this that Candis Cayne, one of the most beautiful TGirls in all of gay world. Carmen Carrera hails from New York, and she SWEARS those curves are real! If they are, bravo sistah! She loves to be sexy, and promises she will most likely wear the least amount of clothing this season!

DELTA WORK – California

Delta Work is one of the Queens that I have heard of before. She is from California and I BELIEVE she is part of the UBER successful  show DREAMGIRLS. LOVE LOVE LOVE DELTA! Her interview was so personable, and adorable. She knows her strengths, admitted her weakness (Dancing!) and unlike a lot of the other interviews, she didn’t seem full of herself or stuck up. One of my Top Queens this season!


Ahhh, it’s nice to have a queen that isn’t from one of the typical places (Cali, NY, ATL). India is from Ohio, and she is the Glamour/Costume Queen. For her, it’s all about the hair, costumes & jewelry honey!


Manila is one of the ones who bothered me the most, for one reason. Manila is Sahara Davenport’s (from season 2) BOYFRIEND! REALLY RU? REALLY?!? You COULDN’T find a Queen that wasn’t directly involved with one of your former contestants? I can’t help but think that Sahara had something to do with this. Either way, she seemed cute in the interview, but right away was blah about the whole connection to Sahara thing.

MARIAH – Atlanta

Mariah…Mariah could be the one I love…or love to hate. First off, she’s from Atlanta (if you couldn’t tell from her accent) and she is a Ballroom Queen. Yes she competes in the Ballroom. She is considered (or considers herself) one of the legendary performers. Mariah could be fun, for the simple reason that this Queen could have some SERIOUS moves. I will be excited to see what she brings out. She is one of my Top Queens.


LOVE! LOOOOOOOOVE! I have heard of Mimi before, and she is just a breath of fresh air right now! I don’t know what it is with me and the big girls this season (well 2 of them at least) but I think it could be the year of the Big Queen! She is SO cute, and funny in her interview. She didn’t irritate me at all, and I found myself laughing and giggling with her. She believes that drag should be over the top (AMEN!) because “If you’re not over the top, you’ll never see the other side!” CUUUUUUUUUUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE! One of my top Queens FOR SURE!

PHOENIX – Atlanta

Phoenix. Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix. Phoenix belongs the Atlanta’s House of Brooks (Yes…Nicole Paige Brooks’ belongs too) and I believe is one of her “daughters”. She’s been around forever, and I have seen and heard of her for years. She did a stint in LA for a while and then went back to ATL. One thing that I noticed, and I HOPE this doesn’t get me into trouble BUT sister got her lips DONE in the last little while. They are HUGE! She might be another of the Love or Love to Hate Queens this season. She will be good for the show though, THAT I know for sure.

RAJA – California

Do you recognize Raja? I do!!! Raja (aka SUTAN) used to be the makeup artist on Top Model! She even dressed up as Raja during the Thailand season, and she was impersonating Tyra Banks…you with me? OK Raja is FIERCE! Like UBER FIERCE! She is the Italian Vogue/Fashion Queen. This bitch doesn’t tolerate a heel lower than 5 inches, and her favourite is the 6 inch heel. Seriously. She has been doing drag for 20 years, and I believe is the oldest (as per her interview). Raja is my Top of the Top. She will be in the finals if not WIN! She is a fierce performer, she is super sweet, has a sickening look. Yes Raja is DEFINITELY part of my Top Queens this season. If I was a betting gal, I would put my money on her. LOVE!


The first thing I notice from Stacy Layne, is that she is SO soft spoken. As the biggest Big Queen, this one NEEDS to have as big a personality as she is. She got lost for me. I have a feeling she’ll be gone within the first 3 episodes.

VENUS D LITE – California

VENUUUUUUUUUUUUUSSSSS!!! She is also from California, and is ALSO part of the DREAMGIRLS I believe with Delta (correct me if I’m wrong please). Venus is FUN! Her interview in my opinion, was the best. She was quick, fun, sure about herself. Confident, sassy, FUNNY! I don’t know WHAT is going on with her hand in this picture though. Venus is one of my Top Queens as well. I have a feeling she will be a hoot to watch!

YARA SOFIA – Puerto Rico

And here she is, your token Puerto Rican Queen. I don’t know. She was kind of boring for me. Good lips though!
**UPDATE** I have been added by Yara on my Facebook, and have looked at her pictures. I might be eating my words on the boring comment. I’m adding Yara to my Top Queens, and also she is my most anticipated to watch right now.

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  • I LOVE Sutan! Raja FTW!

  • Yup, she’s my vote for finals.

  • Keke

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Sutan aka Raja, my pick for the win for sure. My other faves are Mimi, Venus & Phoenix, these bitches are sure to put on a show

  • Good luck to all the girls and a special push for my daughter Phoenix
    Be safe

  • Nick Bailey



  • Team Yara Sofia

    Go Yara Sofia! Show them who is the boring one

  • They Wish LOL

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! Yara they dont even know who is Yara “chocha” Sofia hahahaha just wait ’til the show and then talk about who is the boring one…LOL how funny they are…

  • @They Wish

    HONEY! I am ALREADY eating my words. Yara added me and I have been looking at her photos…I think I’ve got my Fierce Queen.

  • James C

    Stacy is it they ain’t ready for her… u woll!!!! GO STACY!!!!!!

  • Mark B.

    Even if she did get her lips done, that is her business. Phoenix is THE queen everybody will fall in love with. Not only is she the Fiercest Queen in all the land, but the seetest as well. She will keep you guessing til’ finals so don’t get too comfortable!

  • @Mark B
    Don’t get mad! I wasn’t implying anything negative about her lips. Just saying she got them done. And they are fabulous!

    Can’t wait to see what she brings to the table!

  • Mark B.


    No offense taken, just standing up for my girl. Thanks for putting this page together!

  • @Mark

    Wait until I start my reviews…I tell it like it is. It ALWAYS gets me into trouble haha!

    Don’t forget to add me to FB and Twitter

  • YESSS For Carmen! She is SICKENING.

  • kimberly rose

    carmen is hands down the sexiest of this season, second best is yara.

  • claudio

    wow carmen is beautiful

  • priscilla sorto

    carmen is so gorgeoussss <3 most beautiful girl here ! kisses 😉

  • eddie

    carmen is so gorgeous i love her so much and i wish her the best ,,mwaaahh

  • Michael

    Everybody go search youtube for some of India Ferrah’s videos. She is UH-MAZING onstage, to say the very least. Bitch has moves that will leave you speechless. Go look… you really have NO idea…

  • Boo

    love ya ladies

  • Jerry

    Stacy Matthews, my be quiet spoken in this interview. it was a minute and a half. you just got a sneak peek. I know this queen first hand and she is FIERCE all day. I love you girl, Knock Em Dead!!!!! bigger the better babe……give em face!!!!!

  • Joey

    I know there’s the Sahara connection but I thought Manila had the most endearing interview by far. She was so funny! To be honest I would have rather seen her in season 2 than Sahara.

  • Esmeraldiva

    I’m glad you got to see Yara’s picture. That’s why I don’t judge before I get to see the whole package =)

  • Mamabicha Team

    Yara Sofia is my bitch… just wait the show and shes gonna show you who is the boring one… Go Mamabicha.. Mua


  • HI Esmeraldiva!!! Join India’s fan club at

  • G Funk

    RAJA!!! There are three Dreamgirls this season. Raja, Venus and Delta. I love all my gurls. They are queens! Watch out this season, LA is representing!!!

    By the way, Morgan, Sonique and Shannel are also with Dreamgirls in LA, along with the BEST performers I have ever seen. Show them how to work it!!

  • Kirssie

    Alexis, Alexis, Alexis!!! You’re the best and you know it girl!!! Team Alexis Mateo!!!

  • Jessica Dimon


  • Nikki Dimon

    i luv india almost as much as i love rihanna

  • Alexis Love

    india is the best, bitch can werk

  • Shafreaka Jane

    india is mah gurl!!

  • jayra k moon

    I love india she is amazing person

  • thy

    carmen carrera is boring! she came to boston last week and all she did was walk around nude with rhinestones glued to her body. no change in facial expression, no drama, no connection with the song she was performing to. she relied completely, solely, 100% on sex and it was pitiful. me and my friends got bored after a minute because we were trying to figure out how the hell she tucked so fiercely! I wanted to like her cuz she is so beautiful so I youtubed her and found that all of her performances were exactly just as I saw in person

  • noneya

    Now I loves me some Raja but I think its extremely unfair for her to be on this show…period. she’s already pretty well established and just re-read her lists of credits…why does the fun on this show seem to be fading away and the true reality of favouritism rear its ugly head? Shame on RuPaul

  • noneya

    Oh yes,also…who’s next on season 4? Jackie Beat? Holly Woodlawn? Or maybe Joey Arias? Get my drift peeps?

  • @noneya…ooo explain about your thoughts on season 4? I’m curious.

  • Nothing will stop this years’s queen of conquering the throne…
    YARA SOFIA!!!!! Show them what
    U got locaaaaa <3

  • Erica James

    India is just amazing!! She is Stunning and she is my pick to win it all!! Love me some India!!!

  • James

    India is the shits!! she is just everything!! love her!!

  • Colorina Rivera

    Tampa’s Girl is The Best,,,,Alexis Mateo Win or no Win You Are My #1 Love You Mi Amor,, Muahhh !!!

  • Cello_Jay

    Mimi is the best! Her shows are always hysterical & she has the quickest wit. I’m so excited that she made the show & everyone outside of the NYC/Philly area will get to see that she is so wonderful.

  • Want to see some the amazingness of Phoenix?! Fast FWD to 1:50… long intro, lol

  • Fire

    Tommy…. You were looking for edge? You’re about to be served, get ready…. This is Phoenix on Halloween

  • La Kiko


  • Yasy Dukenzo


  • Stéfano


  • CJ

    Carmen is flawlesss from head to toe!!! Hermanitaa best of luck !!!carmen team all the wayy