RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 3: Meet The Drag Queens

Gentlemen…start your engines!

Yesterday RuPaul released the next 12 queens who would be on Drag Race and inevitably be shot into a stratosphere of gay fame that only a few know. As Homorazzi Drag Race specialist, I am back to report on season 3. I may not have liked season 2 (like at all except for a few girls), so I’m hoping and praying that this next season will be better.

Right away I can tell you that once again, Ru has stuck to mainly the “fish queen”. If you don’t know that term, it essentially means someone who’s gonna look like a real girl. There really isn’t much edge, there’s no real standout fierce looking (like REALLY fierce looking) queen. I don’t know why they haven’t chosen one. Nina Flowers was the only one from season 1 and she is still one of if not THE most popular from the series. It gives people something different. Maybe Ru was scared of a little competition?

Either way, here is the list of the 12 finalists for season 3. Some I know, some I know of, and some I’ve never seen before this. But I’ve done my research and listened to their interviews. Here is my first impressions!


Alexis is from Florida, she’s bringing the Miami heat! She’s one of the 2 (yes 2!) Puerto Rican Latina Queens this season. Her interview didn’t really stand out much to me. I’m neither here nor there with this one right now.


At first glance, I SWEAR I thought this that Candis Cayne, one of the most beautiful TGirls in all of gay world. Carmen Carrera hails from New York, and she SWEARS those curves are real! If they are, bravo sistah! She loves to be sexy, and promises she will most likely wear the least amount of clothing this season!

DELTA WORK – California

Delta Work is one of the Queens that I have heard of before. She is from California and I BELIEVE she is part of the UBER successful  show DREAMGIRLS. LOVE LOVE LOVE DELTA! Her interview was so personable, and adorable. She knows her strengths, admitted her weakness (Dancing!) and unlike a lot of the other interviews, she didn’t seem full of herself or stuck up. One of my Top Queens this season!


Ahhh, it’s nice to have a queen that isn’t from one of the typical places (Cali, NY, ATL). India is from Ohio, and she is the Glamour/Costume Queen. For her, it’s all about the hair, costumes & jewelry honey!


Manila is one of the ones who bothered me the most, for one reason. Manila is Sahara Davenport’s (from season 2) BOYFRIEND! REALLY RU? REALLY?!? You COULDN’T find a Queen that wasn’t directly involved with one of your former contestants? I can’t help but think that Sahara had something to do with this. Either way, she seemed cute in the interview, but right away was blah about the whole connection to Sahara thing.

MARIAH – Atlanta

Mariah…Mariah could be the one I love…or love to hate. First off, she’s from Atlanta (if you couldn’t tell from her accent) and she is a Ballroom Queen. Yes she competes in the Ballroom. She is considered (or considers herself) one of the legendary performers. Mariah could be fun, for the simple reason that this Queen could have some SERIOUS moves. I will be excited to see what she brings out. She is one of my Top Queens.


LOVE! LOOOOOOOOVE! I have heard of Mimi before, and she is just a breath of fresh air right now! I don’t know what it is with me and the big girls this season (well 2 of them at least) but I think it could be the year of the Big Queen! She is SO cute, and funny in her interview. She didn’t irritate me at all, and I found myself laughing and giggling with her. She believes that drag should be over the top (AMEN!) because “If you’re not over the top, you’ll never see the other side!” CUUUUUUUUUUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE! One of my top Queens FOR SURE!

PHOENIX – Atlanta

Phoenix. Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix. Phoenix belongs the Atlanta’s House of Brooks (Yes…Nicole Paige Brooks’ belongs too) and I believe is one of her “daughters”. She’s been around forever, and I have seen and heard of her for years. She did a stint in LA for a while and then went back to ATL. One thing that I noticed, and I HOPE this doesn’t get me into trouble BUT sister got her lips DONE in the last little while. They are HUGE! She might be another of the Love or Love to Hate Queens this season. She will be good for the show though, THAT I know for sure.

RAJA – California

Do you recognize Raja? I do!!! Raja (aka SUTAN) used to be the makeup artist on Top Model! She even dressed up as Raja during the Thailand season, and she was impersonating Tyra Banks…you with me? OK Raja is FIERCE! Like UBER FIERCE! She is the Italian Vogue/Fashion Queen. This bitch doesn’t tolerate a heel lower than 5 inches, and her favourite is the 6 inch heel. Seriously. She has been doing drag for 20 years, and I believe is the oldest (as per her interview). Raja is my Top of the Top. She will be in the finals if not WIN! She is a fierce performer, she is super sweet, has a sickening look. Yes Raja is DEFINITELY part of my Top Queens this season. If I was a betting gal, I would put my money on her. LOVE!


The first thing I notice from Stacy Layne, is that she is SO soft spoken. As the biggest Big Queen, this one NEEDS to have as big a personality as she is. She got lost for me. I have a feeling she’ll be gone within the first 3 episodes.

VENUS D LITE – California

VENUUUUUUUUUUUUUSSSSS!!! She is also from California, and is ALSO part of the DREAMGIRLS I believe with Delta (correct me if I’m wrong please). Venus is FUN! Her interview in my opinion, was the best. She was quick, fun, sure about herself. Confident, sassy, FUNNY! I don’t know WHAT is going on with her hand in this picture though. Venus is one of my Top Queens as well. I have a feeling she will be a hoot to watch!

YARA SOFIA – Puerto Rico

And here she is, your token Puerto Rican Queen. I don’t know. She was kind of boring for me. Good lips though!
**UPDATE** I have been added by Yara on my Facebook, and have looked at her pictures. I might be eating my words on the boring comment. I’m adding Yara to my Top Queens, and also she is my most anticipated to watch right now.

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  • Ravyn Moonchild

    I have been friends with Raja (Sutan) since high school. Raja has always been an absolute sweetheart with a soul of gold…and not to mention the fact that she is drop-dead gorgeous. Raja is the entire package, and my vote is definitely going for her!

  • Luna From tthe Princess House

    Yara u are the “mamabicha”!!! Show all your fierce to this bitches… show them how a Puerto Rican Diva perform!!!! and YESSS!!! u gonna eat all the s*** yall say about this Diva.. ok!!???

  • Nina

    Raja, mmhm. That’s my girl, you will be the next drag superstar and ruler of the world. Your shine got me and everyone else will be wanting you too. Got Raja?! I know I do.

  • Kevin

    Oh gee, I wonder if Mariah will have a “special connection” with Ru – maybe a nickname right away… I hope we don’t see a repeat of seasons one and two – the one who looks most like RuPaul wins although another (or two other) queens are obviously much more talented. I hope I’m wrong, and if Mariah is indeed the best; more power to her. But please, Ru, try to at least PRETEND this season that your doppleganger isn’t already the winner from the first episode.

  • @Kevin

    Hmmmmm…….interesting that you say that.

  • Carl

    Raja keeps telling people on the show she is a Model however don’t modeling careers end at the age of 22. Raja is in her 30’s.
    Why does it also seem that when you look at India Ferrah that one gets the impression that she has some sort of Tooth gum decay disease like halitosis?

  • marc

    Raja is my favorite she will be the winner.

  • Edwin

    Delta I love you let’s get married baby

  • Scooby

    I most diff HATE RAJA…Really she thinks she Already Won…GirL plz who are you

  • arbos6

    Yara is FINE!!! Please sho mor of dat apple bottom!! Make a bro wanna leave his wife..

  • Jesseh

    Man, Alexis looks so much like my OUT & IN drag. Creeps me out, especially since she lives like half an hr away from him lmfao. She seems nice though, but I like Yara Sophia mas.

  • Montreal

    Nerves kills them for now!
    Be aware, Charisma, Leadership,Control is not always from the ones who are the loudest!

    Yara Sophia is a quiet observer. She does not get a F**K of the stupid dramas such as Raja. Congratulation Girls you got nerves.

    Yara Sophia it is time you show us your leadership!

  • Seeya

    I love Raja!!!!!!!!
    Can’t stand Shangela.

  • Chris Adrian

    Cut Raja with a knife and her blood will spell FIERCE. The decision has been made when Raja entered the room. =)

  • missy

    raja is a big, tall, ugly, turkey

  • ali

    “Yes she competes in the Ballroom. She is considered (or considers herself) one of the legendary performers”

    Legendary is a real title bestowed by the House in the ballroom circuit. A simple research on the ballroom culture would have explained that.

  • malena

    Yara your my girl,even when you had to sing you have proven you have the heart of a true performer,and beautiful too.

  • lisa

    Come on everybody, what about Shangela, thumbs up to you Shangie for keeping the show interesting, love the drama. Also what’s this crap about the burgers and heathers, I absolutely love Yara and Alexis they have won my heart it would be hard to choose! All the Queens are fierce and beautiful, inspirational as well.

  • lisa

    I meant boogers, whatever! Love, love, love the show!!!

  • carla badini

    jara sofia , you are exquisite!!! i never saw such a beautiful queen as you!! it was sad to see you eliminated from the show, but you are a FIERCE competitor and you should be very proud of yourself. i wish you all the best and continued success wherever you go!

  • machman101

    Yara Sofe is by far the most talenten, that Raja is just the coldest two-faced one runway walk is all he can do would not pay to see him on stage. Yara & Alexas have talent would pay to see them in a show. I think that Yara could go far as a designer if he had the chance, as some-one who sews I can see his talent, the patterning & cutting and sewing that he did on that money dress was a design an orignal unlike that of Raja just a bad copey Rou was wrong on that call. Talent will-out that fearce run-way walk will just walk on down the alley.

  • Beetchee

    Fuck all those bitches! The best is Shannel from season one, she’s a beautiful, smart, classy, femenine lady.


    I hate rebecca glasscock and tyra sanchez!!!

  • Wendygrrl

    Very nice… thank you for sharing…

  • philscotinoz

    Raja,ugly flat nosed dog,if i ever visit the usa i wanna punch it flatter,god i hate fucking gays like u,hey wake up, no matter what u wear u will always look like a dude and no amount of make up will make u look feminine,ur too fucking ugly,for gods’ sake eat something,anorexia is not a good look,hey man ur old but not grown up and soooo nasty and Manila,that’s where u belong u loud mouth acid queen,typical asian queen,stop sucking so many cocks ur mouth is big enough.You two dudes could use a lesson in humility,pricks! GO SHANGELA ( I know she’s gone) we had to wait a long time for the show to air here.

  • I like of the Carmem Carrera.

  • sharmaine jackson

    hello my name is sharmaine jackson and i am a big fan of ru-paul drag race see i am a single mom whit two sick children and my children doctors sad that with all that i am face with i need a special place just for me or something to do that is not about my children see my kids was born with spceial needs my daugther gina and my son rahkim well any way the doctors sad that my gina would not live to see her first birthday and with all the suragey my child would have to get o yes she has lost her eyes and they had to be work on so she can see now the doctors sad that my gina well always be like this she has downsydrome and my son rakim he was born with a bad bladder that works when it like to and yes he was work on as well its like we all live in the hosptial so the doctors sad to me ms. jackson you are going to need a outlet some thing that well take your mind off all the stuff you have to deal with from day to day so it was my gina the one they sad would never walk or talk came to me and ask me one day chould we look at ru-paul drag race and at first i was like what in the world are you talking about girl and she sad u better work mom lol and i sad what kind of show is this and she sad mom this show is a lot of fun and it well help me with my make up so i just looked at her like what did she sad to me and what is wrong with my make up thank you lol well now its been five month later and i so love this show it has help me in ways i can not put in to words and with all the lady boys hasve to face from day to day with all the name calling i know how my daugther feels being call all kinds of name because of her special needs and my son rahkim ru-paul this has been real hard on my children and me as ther mom but i just like to thank you becuase for one day out of a week me and my daugther can just set back look at your shows and just enjoy our self we dont have to be always on the look out to see who going to try to hurt us or me as the morther it is real hard on me because i just wish my children was not born with this things from the hosptial stays to all the doctors they have to see and from being home schooled i just would love for my children to have a happy life one full of trips to the mall and not the doctors offices all the time and your show let me see all great make up tips and outfits o my god i just love to see you work that run way honey because i just dont get to dress up any more not with my children being sick they way they do but you give me hope because i know just one day my children well not be like this for ever and i well be able to get all dress up make up in all honey so i thank you a single mother in baltimore city ,ms. sharmaine jackson and please tell all the lady boys from season 3 that i so love them all and a special THANK YOU GOS TO MS. ALEXIS MATEO AND MS. RAJA THIS TWO WOMAN WAS JUST SO SEXY I WAS LIKE DAMN THEY MAY BE REAL WOMAN THEY LOOK THAT DAMN GOOD AND THEY CAN DO MY MAKE UP ANY DAMN TIME WOW GOD BLESS YOU RU-PAUL

  • sharmaine jackson


  • Jader

    amo shangela
    verdadeira artistas