RuPaul’s Drag Race: Keep Reaching For The Stars…Because You’ll Never Be One!

And with that written on a mirror, we have the 2nd season’s Drag Race winner. Drumroll please…or rather barf bag please.

The rumors were all true, the winner is Tyra Sanchez, who I will from now on call Dirty Sanchez.

AS you all know, Dirty, Raven, and Jujubee were the top three. Their challenge this week (like last year) was to film a spot in RuPaul’s new music for the less than thrilling song “Jealous of my Boogie”, which compared to last year’s “Covergirl”, just doesn’t measure up. Funny how pretty much everything from season 2 just didn’t measure up to the first year. Yes I know I have been very bitter Betty about this second season since about halfway through, but it really REALLY didn’t. The winner, yet again, is completely the wrong queen. RuPaul is CLEARLY our of touch with what everyone wants, and I have pretty much figured out that RuPaul’s Drag Race is more a vehicle for RuPaul, then it is to find the next drag superstar. I feel like RuPaul is also choosing the winners based on who she thinks is like a baby Ru. Look at Bebe, and also Tyra. Both tall black queens, who are both fishy (look like real girls) but neither of them kind of has the actual star potential to be the next drag superstar.

As opposed to last year’s runner up Nina Flowers, and this year’s breakout Pandora Boxx who’s popularity has already outshone that of RuPaul’s. I bring up those two because they were also both voted Miss Congeniality, which is voted by the people…curious no? I find it extremely interesting the the winner Ru chooses is never the obvious one the crowd loves.

But I digress.

So they had to all appear in RuPaul’s video, shoot a Dynasty style scene with RuPaul and act all over the top and get fake slapped, then the third part was they had a fake fight on the runway as part of the video. Wigs were flying, queens were falling, it was funny I’ll give them that. After the shoot, it was time for panel, and only Ru, Santino and Merle were there to help Ru make her decision. They were chopped off in the order I thought they would be. Juju first, Raven runner up and Dirty the winner. I will say this, Dirty was smart in the final lip sync and wen right up to the judges table so they couldn’t pay any attention to Raven. That was very well played. So Tyra won, and hyperventilated, and fucked up her makeup, it was funny. Then Raven wrote on the mirror, “Keep reaching for the star, because you’ll never be one” AMEN!

After that was the reunion show, which was the most entertaining thing ever. Ru was lazy and showed up as a boy, lamesauce. And Pandora Boxx was name by a landslide this year’s Miss Congeniality…and well deserved!

That’s it for season 2. Season 3 apparently starts in the fall, and let’s hope that Ru ads some spice to the selection for season 3 because if they keep going this way the show will lose steam halfway through the next season as well. I have faith, let’s hope they get it right.

See you next season!

  • TyraSanchez’FakeBoyFriend

    Here’s what I don’t get. You liked the phony, back stabbin ugly, pale, hard lookin Raven and the PWT Pandora’s Box. But you call the totally gorgeous, beautiful, sexy, HOT, drop dead gorgeous body Tyra, dirty. I agree with you Season’s 1 winner Bebe was a really, really poor on so many levels but Tyra is a billion dollar brand. She’s gorgeous. I’ve already dropped my favorite show House so I can spend the little I have on Tyra’s FB, Twitter and MySpace pages. Pandora wore tacky clothes and was a great comedian but this show is about presence, beauty, sex, and more sex. Pandora wasn’t going to be able to sell shit or shinola – EXCEPT to a bunch of pathetic white girls who are lookin for validation of who they are in all the wrong places. I love looking at Tyra cause you that’s the point. Her legs go on for miles and she knows how to use her body. Pandora was sweet and funny but Damn I don’t to look at that over and over again like I do Tyra.

  • First of all, I’m calling her Dirty Sanchez because I think it’s funny.

    Second of all, Tyra Sanchez IS pretty I’ll give you that. But she has absolutely nothing else going for her. She’s dull, slow, there’s no spunk.

    Am I saying Pandora is the best thing in the world, no. But she was the only TRUE Drag Queen on the show. I never said I liked Raven either. You have to understand that this year’s queens were all just the same kind of fish queen who didn’t offer anything new and exciting.

    Think what you will, but I’m pretty such that Tyra will not be the next drag superstar. I don’t think any of them this season were worthy (except Morgan and Pandora), but time will tell.

  • AND I have watched some of her performance videos…she is NOT the most excitign performer. mediocre at best in my opinion.

  • Jenn

    I agree that Pandora was mediocre and unexciting. She was funny, I guess. But this wasn’t America’s Next Comedian Contest. The fact that you can’t see the extravaganza that is “Tyra Sanchez” shows how “dull, slow” and superficial you are. I really wish that people would push pass the obviousness of their tired stereotypes of what intelligence “sounds like” and see that Tyra is incredibly intelligent, witty, charming and an undeniable SUPERSTAR. She is magnetic and wonderful and I am SOOOO excited to see what she will do next. She is simply breathtaking.

  • I can’t even BELIEVE how some peopel love Tyra Sanchez.

    Watch that BORING performance. Other than a backbend it’s all mediocre.

  • Monique

    While I’ll agree that Bebe may not have been the best choice for the Season 1 winner, Tyra Sanchez has ALL of the makings of a star. She’s beautiful, she has a great sense of style, she won multiple challenges, never ended up Lip Syncing for her life -until the last episode- and truly seemed at though she was “less bitchy” toward the end of the season. What about that DOESNT say Winner? More often than not, people take Tyra’s winning to be race-related – especially after Bebe won in Season 1. If thats how you feel then I truly feel sorry for you. I was a fan of Pandora Boxx as well but her style was sub-par, she didnt do anything to stand out BESIDES be “funny” and frankly, I dont think she had enough star-power behind her to carry her to the Finals anyway. In the end, griping about the winner will do no good because she IS the winner… that is it and that is all.

    (Oh, and about the posted link – the performance may not have been AMAZING, but every Queen has a less-than-exciting performance. Would you like me to go on Youtube and find a better one for you? Because I’m sure that I could…)

  • Dru

    Well, I think Bebe was an excellent choice for season 1. But, I think Tommy D is 100% right about Tyra. She isn’t a superstar. There’s nothing special about her. I believe that’s why so many of us are fans of Pandora Boxx–because she seemed so special. At the end of the day, I would rather see a show by Pandora Boxx, Jujubee, Jessica Wild and Tatiana before I would waste one second on Tyra. I think the mistake, though, was made WAY back during the selection process. I don’t think many of these queens, even some of the ones I loved, were that special. I found it insulting that the best bigger girl they could find was Mystique. Seriously? Really? Fuh real? I felt as if all of the contestants had way more Rebecca Glasscock and Akashia in them than Nina, Bebe or Shannel, who were true stars. So, I would say this season was a FAIL.

    Next season, I would really like to see some different challenges. They should have to host a night at a nightclub or a challenge more pertinent to being a drag queen, as opposed to performing in a fried chicken commercial. That was beyond lametastic.

    OK. And this is the last thing I will say. But, people keep saying how great Tyra was. But, really, all she did was wear cute clothes. That’s not going to make anyone want to be entertained by you. I don’t care what anyone says. Pandora is the real winner.

  • @Monique
    Yes, I would like you to find something amazing, because of all the Tyra Sanchez videos…that was the best one I saw. Which is pretty bad.

    Pandora is the real winner, because the audience voted her their favourite. But again, Ru is loking for baby Ru. While I think Nina was better than Bebe, I still think Bebe was a million times more memorable than any of the queens this season.

    Anyway, let’s hope next year that Ru isn’t a tool and gets some actual exciting queens to compete.

  • DaisYa

    I realize I’m late to the party in commenting here, but they continue to rerun Season 2 ad infinitum on LoGo, so just when I think I’ve had to contemplate this crap for the last time…HERE IT IS AGAIN.
    And then, after having just this morning caught another snippet of ‘the Other Tyra’ behaving like a monster, I idly Googled ‘Dirty Sanchez’, just to see how many other people besides myself had christened her thus, and lo and behold it landed me here. You make some excellent points, and while it certainly is true that She Who Shall Henceforth ALways Be Referred to As ‘Dirty’ had some real strengths that definitely placed her among the frontrunners (she has an amazing instinct for fashion and confidence to spare when it comes to presenting it, and she is,of course, young and beautiful), calling her ‘ideal’, denying the fact that she in fact DOES have just as many weaknesses as any of the others with whom she was in true competition, or even worse, suggesting that the perception of those weaknesses stemmed from just plain ‘looking at it wrong’ couldn’t be farther from the truth.
    ~also, just a sidebar here: as beautiful in the face as Dirty may be, as long as her legs and as powerful as her gift of illusion in terms of all in between, the thing that makes her distinctly UN ‘fishy’ is that she is built like a professional basketball player. Dirty is enormous~more so than Ru, even. Combine that with the deep, zero-affect baritone and the thousand-yard gangsta stare and you get…I don’t know what YOU get, but I get the heebiejeebies.
    That said, and without bringing the competition into it and putting aside my own preferences entirely (though I will say, whether she deserved to actually win or not, Pandora was robbed, and Tatiana deserved better than she got as well~in both cases the judges falling for Dirty’s tricks was to blame) it is entirely untrue that the level of nastiness to which Dirty consistently descended was just ‘Drag-Queen Catiness’ and in any way was forgivable or a quality that she should have been rewarded for. While admittedly Dirty was more clever strategically by far than her whole Ghetto Attitude ‘Acting Even Vaguely Smart is For White Folks~Don’t Show Nobody Nothin’ routine would suggest~in fact, in hindsight I believe that itself was PART of the strategy, much of her behavior should NOT have been rewarded~and yet it was. Conversely, the ones that WERE team players when teamwork was called for, that DID help out their fellow contestants when asked and weren’t just flat out jerks in order to further their own ends consistently got screwed for it.
    Name me an episode or challenge in which Dirty did not do something~even if it seemed little at the time, like telling RuPaul in the beginning of the ‘Drag Mother Makeover’ challenge that she was ‘nervous, because I’ve never done anyone else’s makeup before.’~obvious B.S., but from then on that would be in Ru’s head, somewhere, wouldn’t it? EVERY time she did something like that, usually more dramatic, but it was genius in terms of psychological warfare.
    However, clearly Dirty needed to exploit that edge as much as possible: apart from getting dressed and walking the runway, her performance skills were mostly shit. The ability to do a half-assed Beyonce Knowles impression does NOT a top notch drag performer make (did you SEE the rock star thing?)~Dirty got where she got because she strategized her way out of having to lip synch week after week and happened to have immunity from the challenges that would have sunk her. Period.
    I’m curious to know what she has done with her victory. Whatever it is I’m sure she has turned into a huge, impossible pain in the ass and treats everyone around her like garbage, because she is, after all, ‘America’s Sweetheart’. And as alarmingly clever as her strategy was, I got the feeling that these concepts had been explained to Dirty by someone else: whenever she gave what sounded like her own actual opinion on something, she pretty much sounded like she JUST DOESN’T GET IT….’IT’ being, you know, anything more complex than a knock-knock joke.
    ~END RANT~