RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 2 Episode 8: “The Boxx Family”


Ladies and gentlemen, and everyone in between. RuPaul’s Drag Race has officially entered SUCK ASS territory. This show is absolutely not worth watching because they have voted off the only queen with any originality and spunk. I am SO disappointed with this show that I didn’t even watch the full episode. I found out who got kicked off before I saw the episode, and I didn’t even watch the full episode because I was SO let down. EPIC FAIL!

The main challenge the girls had to do this week was change an older homo into their drag mother. Ok that seemed fun.


Tatianna won the mini challenge which was stupid, match the baby pics to the queen, then picked her mom and the other drag mom’s.

Makeup, hair, lip sync. Blah blah blah. The drag mothers were tragic…obviously. It was elimination time and the judges were Cloris Leachman and Debbie Reynolds. Why they signed on I have no idea. Each of the queens did a little somethin’ somethin’ with their drag mothers. Raven won, Tyra did well, Tatianna did well. Pandora Boxx and Jujubee were in the bottom.

I lost all interest because these were two of the better queens and they are going up against each other. In fact, Pandora is the ONLY original one there this year. So what does Ru do…she kicks Pandora off the show.

And I have officially checked out of this poor excuse for a show.

It just keeps getting worse and worse every week. All the fans and the brilliance that they created last year, just went down the toilet.

What a waste.

  • melissa

    please stop reviewing this show. let somebody else with proper writing skills and enthusiasm write them if you are just an incredibly critical bitch

  • Jim

    Your a fiesty one, melissa!

    As someone who really watches the show, i do agree with Tommy on the fact that pandora is the only one with real originality, and i do agree with you that he is being a little too critical, but Rupaul kicked off the (in my opinion) best queen, and i agree that that was a mistake.

  • I will not stop because it’s a commitment. And there’s only 2 episodes left so it’s almost done.

    But the fact is this year it should’ve been called Rupaul’s Tranny Race because everyone is a tranny queen. The only true DRAG queen was Pandora.

    Everyone else is the same same same and it’s incredibly disappointing.

  • Sam

    we’ve shared the same faves since week 1, and i also noticed that pandora was the only queen who took on a totally different persona when in drag. isnt that supposed to be the point, rupaul? transforming? you kicked out a queen in favor of a few boring peasants.
    tyra has no personality. i used to like raven, but all she did this week was bitch about tatiana. and… who else is left? i cant even remember. fuck em.
    i enjoy your bitchy reviews, but maybe next time you could bitch for a bit longer. itll save me the trouble of sitting through another hour of rupaul and his tenement of disappointments. heh, selfish, i know.

  • Purrlady

    I agree with the decision to kick off Pandora. Sorry girls but she was stiff, her drag Mom’s makeup was horrible. As much as Raven bitches I do believe she won the challenge and the Juju and Pandora belonged in the bottom 2. They have to perform the challenges. It’s not only about being in drag but winning the challenges and ultimately the competition.

    I enjoy the show and I want Tatianna to win (she’s young and beautiful-she can really pull off the Next Drag Queen super star). Raven is too bitchy and bitter, Tyra is completely full of herself (if her attitude was better she’d be a winner). Juju hasn’t won anything she keeps falling in the middle…

  • harmony

    I love rupaul drag race. I think pandora should have left also. Raven and tyra are jealous of tati. I love jujubee. I hope raven goes home soon. Americas next drag superstar is not going to be a hardcore bitch……. I hope