RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 2 Episode 7: “Cover Girls”


After last week’s horrible episode, I was praying to Jebus that this week was going to be a little more entertaining…and I guess it was. I’m going into these episodes every week with just expecting them to mediocre at best, and it really pains me to say so it, but this seasons is really lacking in the interest department. So so sad, but Ru and logo really need to step it up next season and get some interesting queens for the future. Even the catfights are boring now.

This week’s episode was all about “reading”. If you’re unfamiliar with that term, it’s just a way of saying insulting, but doing it in a cheeky way. Not serious, more like poking fun at flaws right? Well they all go one by one, and Juju wins the mini challenge. Onto the real elimination challenge. This week, the girls have to come up with a concept for their autobiography, shoot a cover and come up with a smart title for their book. Thrilling right? Yeah…that’s what I felt too. **YAWN** They also had a twist, they had to do an interview a few minutes after their cover photoshoot, and they HAD to promote the new Absolute Berry Acai flavor. It was starting to show a little promise in the humor department.


During their photoshoot, Tyra started to sweat like crazy, which made me laugh because she always has to be perfect, and a lady, and she was dripping. It was SO gross haha…stupid Tyra. I hate her. My favorite idea was Pandora’s…called Out of the Boxx. Cute right? It’s a play on her name. Clever. Juju was also good “Memoirs of a Gay Sha” Also clever. The other were meh. Jessica Wild really struggled with this challenge, and then she had to do the interview, and she acted really drunk, and kept interrupting the interviewer which is a big no no. This was also the time when you can see how Jessica REALLY couldn’t speak English…like almost none at all. I am ready for her to go, she irritates me.

DOWNLOAD: To use the book covers as your paper, click here to download.


They all came out and showed covers of their books, the judges LOVED Raven’s book, along with her interview and mainstage outfit, she was declared the winner…finally. But you have to wonder, why did she win? I think it’s because she’s the only pseudo good one left. They got rid of SO many good queens, it’s really disappointing. Anyway, Raven FINALLY gets her win, and the bottom two this week are Tatianna and Jessica. They were both asked to lip-sync for their lives, and I don’t think people were expecting Tatianna to be so good, but she was. Jessica just was SO over the top, and it didn’t work at all. Tatianna was even shocked, when Ru announced she could stay she didn’t believe her? Sidenote: Tatianna plays with her hair WAY too much.



So Jessica is gone…not too surprised nor am I too upset. I never liked her, she was always just blah to me, and I don’t really know why people liked her so much…but what do I know.

SEE YOU NEXT WEEK…I promise I will try to be in better spirits.

  • Reader

    you are a fucking hater. You wish you look like her.

  • EZ

    I disagree. Jessica Wild was hilarious, I think you take this show too seriously. Just enjoy it! I had many laughs…

  • See you guys have it all wrong, I actually LOVE this show so much, that I’m seriously so sad that it just took just a turn for the worse. Last year at this time in the game, the queens were SO fierce, they were all so strong and this year I just feel like they are all the same kidna queen. There’s no originality.

    And Jessica Wild may have been hilarious, but the reason you loved her was because she was such a hot mess. Like people liked her because she always seemed so foreign you know?

  • melissa

    your reviews are really souring the show for me. you have such a bitchy, mopey way of writing. here’s one less reader from now on.