RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 2 Episode 5: “Do You Think I’m a Bitch”


Just a note, I didn’t forget last week, there was no episode last week. So I got a week off from a recap.

After one of my faves left last week, I was only praying to god that it wasn’t another one of mine gone this week. The episode opens up this week with Ru telling the girls that they need to wrap up a white box whichever way seems fit. But they must use something OLD from their drag collection, something NEW from the wrapping paper given, and must BORROW something from another queen. They each represented themselves, and Raven was the winner. She actually borrowed Juju’s raven headpiece so there you have it.

After the mini challenge, Ru brought about the elimination challenge this week…did you happen to notice what it was? OLD, NEW, BORROWED…and BLUE!  The blue part was a card inviting each of the girls to their own wedding. This week, they had to take a photo as a bride AND a groom. Cute right? Being the winner, Raven got to choose her wedding dress first, then she got to choose the order in which the girls got to pick Of course she picked Morgan first, then Juju (for helping her) then the res came after. They each had to take the wedding dress they got and make it their own however they wanted to.

As the girls get done up in their “boy drag” Tyra starts getting all fucking pissy about how she was the first one do to facial hair with makeup, then everyone else did it after her CLAIMING they copied her. Dear Tyra, you are not the first person to ever do that honey, and you are NOTHING like Beyonce. Speaking of that, Tyra Sanchez started to get really fucking irritating, and was singing off key and yelling, and bugging everyone while they were getting ready, and when Tatianna asked for her to be quiet, she didn’t listen. The drama begins…and it’s good.


(Guest judge: Martha Wash)

It’s time for the main stage, and all the girls get done up in their wedding dresses. As they are walking out, my favourite by a MILE is Raven’s. She looked absolutely perfect. I was SURE she was going to take this win. But, the judges loved Tyra…Tyra Tyra Tyra. After asking the girls what the judges aren’t seeing, Tatianna said that Tyra is a complete BITCH! SCORE! And most of the girls agreed…haha bitch! They were all right, and stupid Tyra started to cry. I do not like Tyra. I think she’s a big baby.

So the bottom two…sadly it was my girl Morgan again, and old face Sahara. You know what bugs me about this show sometimes, is how the queens will do splits, and jumps, and frills and gimmicks instead of REALLY perform the lip sync. I just feel like it seems a bit desperate no? If you couldn’t tell by my surly attitude this week, my favourite to win MORGAN was kicked off. Morgan was kicked off, stupid Tyra won the challenge, and Sahara got to stay…what alternate universe am I living in?