FINALLY! RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars has begun, and in TRUE drag race form it was everything. I don’t know about you, but I can just sit and watch drag race all day everyday. It’s all I want to do. I’m a little disappointed that it’s only 6 episodes, but what are you gonna do.  I’ve got lots to say about it so let’s get right into it shall we?

One by one the all stars are introduced, the budget has clearly gotten higher because the beginning intros were fabulous. We are introduced to the 12 queens from the past 4 seasons that have made the cut and are called all stars. My favorite looks as they walked in were Pandora, Manila, Raven, Mimi Imfurst and of course my personal All Star Nina Flowers, who in true Nina form took the cake as the best look. I have to give major props to Mimi because I don’t think many will (even though in my opinion she totally deserves them) but she looked ferosh. She’s got a new look, a new body and her paint was flawless.

We find out right away that the queens are going to paired up (in groups of 2). Oh yes, they both have to be flawless or else they go home. If either queen screws up, they jeopardize the team. Each of the queens had to pick who they wanted to be paired up with, and if there was a match, that was the team. If not they keep going. They only had to go through 2 rounds and only one pairing was assigned by lady Fate. Here are the teams in my personal favourite order…

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars (Pairs)

  • Raven & Jujubee (Rujubee)
  • Latrice Royale & Manila Luzon (Latrila)
  • Tammie Brown & Nina Flowers (Brown Flowers…chuckle)
  • Pandora Boxx & Mimi Imfurst (Mandora)
  • Yara Sofia & Alexis Mateo (Yarlexis)
  • Shannel & Chad Michale (Shad)

Top to bottom, those are the best pairing. Why am I putting Shannel and Chad as my least favorite pairing, it’s simple really: I think there is absolutely no likability factor with those two. I think they are arrogant and feel as if they think they have already won this competition. It leaves a very bad taste in my mouth when I see two queens who are on the same level as everyone else thinking they are god’s gift. Just a quick little reminder, not one of you had won your season. Humility goes a long way, especially when it comes down to fan votes (which it most likely will again with All Stars)

The first challenge was a photo shoot. Half baked (half done in drag) and Opposites Attract (Show the difference in your personalities). During the photoshoots I thought for SURE that Team Mandora had this. They were really making an effort and playing around with their characters and yes, even playing on the fact that they weren’t the happiest with their choices. Unfortunately, the picture that was chosen was completely bland and they ended up in the bottom two. Surprise, surprise. Where was the amazing picture of Pandora stomping on Mimi’s face? Where was the picture of Mimi getting IRONED by Pandora? That shit was funny?

Another lame picture and in my opinion the absolute worst was team Shad. What a dud. Chad didn’t show any humour as the “downtown girl”, and Shannel just stood there thinking she’s all that. It was just boring…and arrogant. Their Half Baked photo was weird with their odd prosthetics on their necks representing being on the chopping block. In the Untucked they argued that editorial shoots are supposed to leave you thinking, you’re not supposed to understand them. Well, the judges definitely didn’t get it and they were the other pairing in the bottom two.

The top two teams were Team Rujubee (who had a great Half Baked photo and a clothed and unclothed opposites attract picture) and Team Latrila (who played with comedy in the half baked photo with drill bits and screwdrivers, and a great high class and hooker opposites attract picture). On the runway, Latrila gave you Teletubby Realness complete with a screen playing Manila’s music video wrapped around her waist. They won the first challenge (DESERVED) and Rujubee was safe.

I have to talk about Brown Flowers because I’m a little bit worried. Nina Flowers is probably the fiercest most powerful and original contestant that the show has ever had. My concern is that she’s going to soften up her look to play along with Tammie, when in reality she should be as powerful as she can be. Their opposites attract was supposed to be good and evil. If Nina had done one of her SEVERE looks to play the evil part as opposed to a big red clown wig, they would’ve won. I know it, I FEEL IT! Stay fierce Nina, you have to.

Like I said, in the bottom two were Mandora and Shad. Here comes the second twist: Only ONE can lip sync for the group. ZOINKS! THIRD TWIST…if the non lip syncing partner feels like team-mate isn’t doing a good job, they have 1 minute to tag them out and finish the lip sync. It was Mimi against Chad, and once again Chad’s arrogance made me just not feature her. “I am a drag assassin! I am not going home against the likes of Mimi Imfurst.” Um…Mimi was KIND OF turning it out. I know Juju said she felt desperation from Mimi, but I felt nothing from Chad. There is something to be said about someone who really just gives it on stage. So my vote was to keep Mimi, but unfortunately it doesn’t matter what I think, and Pandora and Mimi were the first to be sent home. We also saw in the exit interview that Mimi wasn’t there…DRAMA!

All of that was explained in the Untucked when lots of the girls came for Mimi and she walked off the set. There is one thing that I just want to dispute. Raven was wondering why Mimi was invited back because she was 30th on the voting when in actual fact I believe she came in 3rd when the final votes were tallied, so I guess there’s your answer.

Now I have lots and lots of juicy details about the show, but I will not spoil the fun for you. If you want to know you can always tweet me (@TommyD) or keep it here…I might get drunk and update all my spoilers one night!

And we’re still working on the interviews but check out the video of PANDORA and the MADONNA AFTERPARTY in Vancouver!

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