RuPaul’s Drag Race 7 Episode 2 Recap: Glamazonian Airways


WOW! I gotta tell you the response I got last week for my RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7 review has been so great! I thought for sure you guys were gonna come for me for talking about how much Miss Lame sucks, but it looks like I’m in the majority this time! I’m loving your responses on who you think is gonna be in the top 6, lots of love for Mrs Kasha Davis which is surprising but I’m into it! Did you guys watch last night? Were you as bored and uninspired as I was? What the hell is going on with this season so far? It’s so disappointing and I’m starting to think maybe the show is starting it’s descent.

It was another week of really boring challenges, lame feuds, OK fashions and really really REALLY bad choreography. The episode started with everyone going into the workroom and Kandy Ho cleaning off the mirror, Violet saying that she hated Michelle Visage and Miss Lame clearly being a jealous bitch about Violet’s win. Honestly it’s gotten so bad that whenever she says anything or gets airtime I am actually vocal about it while I watch it, and I don’t even know I’m doing it!  The special guest this week for the mini challenge was Moby (What the hell was HE doing there?) and the challenge was to take the best photo while a giant leaf blower was in your face. Trixie and Ginger won this pointless challenge, and then it was time for the main challenge.

Ginger and Trixie had to pick two teams and each one had to do a spoken word lip sync for an airline safety video for Glamazonian Airways.


I was sitting with my girls and everyone said the same thing, this was absolutely NOT Shade: The RuSical. This was really awkward and hard to watch. Not only were the rehearsals the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen, but the actual main challenge was a total dud. There were standouts for sure (Ginger, Kasha, Violet, Jasmine) but everyone else was pretty basic. The worst of the bunch were Miss Lame, Katya, Pearl and Sasha. Their runway challenge was to show jet setter eleganza which was actually a really cute idea! My favourites for the runway walk were Katya, Pearl, Trixie and Max. Max has been turning me OUT with his looks lately. I hope he doesn’t get lost in the mix because he could be SUCH a standout. I don’t know why Miss Lame was dressed the way she was, like she had a toothache and that fabric wrapped around her head was for ice, but thankfully she was in the bottom with Katya and Sasha. Ginger Minj was the challenge winner which I will never understand cause her jetset eleganza was nothing and Miss Lame was safe…again. When is she going home?!? Katya and Sasha has to lip sync, and Katya slayed it with the slow split so I guess it’s bye bye Sasha.

Untucked was really bad again. I can’t even tell you how boring it is. I don’t like this fly on a wall production it looks cheap and it’s not interesting. I miss the gold bar and the big pink box and the DRAMA!

I don’t know what happening next week yet but the show better step it up! Season 7 has not started out strong and right now I am not seeing anyone worthy enough to follow in Bianca’s footsteps. What do you think? I wanna hear you on twitter @TOMMYD, instagram @Tommy_D83 or leave a comment below!

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  • Lapc

    Is hard to pick a top 6 i don’t see any top 3 material so far, there are a lot of queens that are very just into one character and that could be ok if it is good i think, like Max kind of on the background with the same wig she could be miss congeniality but she will stay after snatch game they wanna see her do more acting. I kind of like the backstage style they have on the untucked is interesting to see that but they can do that in another Wow channel not untucked i miss the more intimate drama.

  • JMC

    I like some of Max’s fashion however his make-up is TERRIBLE. Start contouring. He looks like he puts on foundation, lipstick and mascara and he’s done. It’s the same face in drag as out of drag just with wigs on.

  • Brendan Moore

    My favorite part of the episode was seeing the hot guys in the seats interacting with the queens. And yes Montana Volby, I saw you up front in those pink undies looking cute as ever.

  • Geisell

    i was disappointed to not see jasmine on the top 3. for me she was a standout there. katya wasnt the best, but, for sure, she was better than miss fame. i feel like miss fame has already a reputation outside the competition and they are trying to preserve that by not eliminating her in the beggining. About the untucked, i rather the way it is now.. the pink box, for me, was, sometimes a distraction of a possible fight. clearly the show its getting out of budget.. there is almost no sponsors this season.

  • Glenn Gore

    Boring is not the word for this season’s queens. I can’t tell 90% of them apart (and don’t care about that) and am not even taking the time to learn their names. With the exceptions of Jaiden, Ginger, Kasha and Kennedy, who, instead of being catty and bitchy all the time, are just working. All this said, there are very few queens who come close to the charisma of Bianca del Rio, she is a horrific act to have to follow, but most of these girls have absolutely nothing memorable about them.

  • DW

    I swear, these reviews are all I have left of a once good show :-(. It’s like… I know I’m “loyalty watching” right now.

    I feel like Ru just wants to retire or something. Untucked is unfinished. It’s a bunch of BS.

    I swear I can’t tell most of the queens apart. I guess I’m rooting for Trixie and Katya.

    Hoping for a double elim really soon! 😉

    Hopefully next week’s challenge is for the queens to help put together the new Interior Illusions Lounge.

  • Dystopian0

    I miss the Gold Bar and the Interior Illusions lounge!What sort of a budget cut forced them to take those out?? Untucked used to be awesome but now it’s just blah. Best looks were Katya, Trixie and Pearl. Right now I’m no longer sure who’ll be in the top 6.

  • Hey

    Where is everyone watching Untucked? Its not working from my youtube.

  • Geisell

    download the chrome esxtension, hola app

  • Hey

    Thanks Girl!

  • Britt

    I for sure thought Maddox Madison was going to be on this season. Some amazing personalities. But nope. Ginger is hopeful but to choose pearl? really!? I’m glad Santino is gone cuz he has no taste and Carson was pretty good but now I’m just wishing they get rid of ru or something

  • Brit

    Maybe it’s just that there’s too many boring white people on this season. And Shawn morales is gone 🙁