Lots happened in this episode. Alaska finally won a challenge, we have a possible new showmance, and once again Coco was acting like a FOOL because she’s a big baby!

After last week’s non elimination the queen’s were getting a bit restless with it still being the top 7 but what are you gonna do. We had a nice little confession from Roxxxy saying that she targets Jinkx as a way of lashing out so I’ll give her points for owning up to it, but this episode again seemed to be all about just hating on Jinkx, especially from baby Coco. We’re going to get to that later, we gotta talk about what happened during the main challenge.

After a mini challenge with a bunch of Andrew Christian models (Memory with underwear) the main challenge was revealed: Create your own fragrance, design the bottle and shoot a commercial. I was definitely into it. It was going to be interesting to see who could pull it out creatively. As the work starts I noticed a little spark between Ivy and Jinkx which was really cute! We later find out that Jinkx has a total crush on Ivy…CAN YOU IMAGINE! A LOVE CONNECTION ON DRAG RACE! I AM INTO IT DARLING!

As we get to the commercial shoot with Michelle Visage and guest judge Aubrey O’Day (who I am OBSESSED WITH! TWEET ME BITCH @TommyD) we are starting to see that most of the queens don’t really have any idea what they’re doing but in this commercial challenges you don’t have any idea who is doing well until it’s all done. What I can tell you is that Coco is just the absolute worst. First of all her trying to suck up to Ru by naming her fragrance Ru Animale (which is the DUMBEST name I have ever heard…what does it even mean?) is so transparent and I’m glad they clocked her on it. Second, her insecurities are so so sad. I can’t even hate on her anymore because she is coming off as one of the most bitter and sad contestants in this show’s history. They way she was coming for Jinkx was absolutely appalling and she really should be ashamed of herself. Sadly she was not sent home and she was safe…just barely.

The other safe queens were Jinkx, Detox & Roxxy. Jinkx and Detox had great commercial and Roxxxy not so great. It was Alaska who took the show tonight with her amazing commercial for her fragrance RED…for filth. With that she clinched her first win.

Alyssa and Ivy fell into the bottom two and I knew Ivy was going home before it even started. The thing with Alyssa is even though she isn’t the best at the challenges she is outstanding as a performer. She was safe (AGAIN!) and Ivy was sent home. After a tearful goodbye from Jinkx, Ivy walked off the stage. I will be sad to see her go, while I don’t think she was the BEST TV she was a great competitor and always looked great.

So what’s up next? Probably more complaining from Coco & eating from Alyssa. Seriously what’ s up with her ALWAYS eating? I will say I think we are going to get a Coco and Alyssa showdown with a double elimination I bet you anything. Next week is an acting challenge in the style of a telanovella which I’m sure is going to be awesome. Until then…

PS – How amazing would it be to have a Kristen Johnston & Aubrey O’Day judging panel?