I mean Amen.

My review of RuPaul’s Drag Race this week is going to be a bit brisk because I just came back from Emerald City Comic Con and I am WIPED (a nerd alert is coming this week about it). What did we learn in this week’s episode? Most drag queen’s can’t sing, Detox is 90% silicone & Coco Montrese wants to have her cake and eat it too!

This week’s mini challenge was make up in the dark which was hysterical. Detox won because her make-up is essentially paint by numbers flawless. So she got to choose the 3 teams for the singing challenge. She obviously chose Roxxxy and Alaska for her team, Ivy Jinkx and Jade Jolie were together and Coco and Alyssa were paired up. The main challenge was a “We are the world” style number called Can I get an Amen? There were challenged with writing a verse, and coming out with an 80’s style look for the live music video.

I mean, whatever. This was a throwaway challenge, but it’s miss Coco that is bugging me again. First of all she cries and whines when she was made the dummy and said how she is the STAR in Vegas and she should have MORE spotlight…well tonight she was given the first line and then she complained about how nervous she was. PUHLEEZE! Make up your mind lady and when an opportunity presents itself take it, instead of complaining. I am OVER Coco on this show. Thank god she was in the bottom two, and the other queen was Jade who totally fell short. Their lip sync was peppy and high energy and Coco beat Jade and got to stay. Honestly at this point I would’ve like Jade to stay.

There was something brought up on the runway tonight and it had to do with cliques. Season 3 we had The Heathers & this season we have Rolaskatox. Michelle kind of hit the nail on the head when she said they each need to worry about themselves and it’s so true. Let’s hope that Alaska stand out more on the runway because she’s HILARIOUS in her confessionals.

Also Alyssa’s moment with her father in the Untucked was EVERYTHING, I couldn’t stop crying. It was such a great moment for her and made her all the more likeable. I hope she can learn from this GET OVER the drama with Coco because she is kind of a fierce competitor.

That’s it from me, I’m going to rest my little nerd brain. TWEET ME what you thought of tonight show @TommyD or leave a comment!