Racers, we need to take a moment. There was something so unbelievable shocking that happened on tonight’s episode that I was almost offended. For a competition full of the best drag queens in the country to not know who Little Edie was is unforgivable. A little history lesson before we start shall we?

Little Edie was the cousin of Jackie O. Her and her mother Big Edie lived in a mansion called Grey Gardens and were very recluse. They became GAY ICONS and CULT ICONS after their documentary Grey Gardens was released. Jackie O even took notice of this and helped them with the mansion because of the controversial way they lived. If you haven’t seen Grey Gardens its a MUST and I highly recommend that you watch it this week. For Jinkx Monsoon to do Little Edie PERFECTLY (and I mean perfectly, the accent, the little quips, the american flag, the pate, the headdress EVERYTHING was flawless) was absolutely beyond. It was on another level and will for me be the best Snatch Game contestant. She shined even more because this season’s Snatch Game was sub par. Did everyone just phone it in this challenge? I thought these queens were pros, but there was absolutely no excuse for what we saw on the show tonight. Now it’s time to talk about what happened tonight.

It was the famous Snatch Game episode, and this is the episode where we find out who has what it takes and who doesn’t. After the mini challenge of “Who Wore It Best” (which was a throwaway) we started to find out what character everyone was going to be doing on the Snatch panel; here’s the rundown.

  • Jinkx Monsoon – Little Edie
  • Roxxxy Andrews – Tamar Braxton
  • Detox – Ke$ha
  • Jade Jolie – Taylor Swift
  • Coco Montrese – Janet Jackson
  • Alyssa Edwards – Katy Perry
  • Alaska – Lady Bunny
  • Ivy Winters – Marilyn Monroe
  • Lineysha Sparx – Michelle Obama NO WAIT Celia Cruz

As the Snatch Game started with the guests (Downtown Julie Brown & Julie Brown) you could tell from the very beginning that we did not have a show stopper. Jinkx like I said outshined everyone. Alaska as Bunny was funny and Roxxxy got MAJOR points for doing my girl TAMAR BRAXTON (Who I am obsessed with). She was great. She had her down with the wig flipping and the hating on Toni Braxton, yeah she was my second favourite after Jinkx. Coco and Jade did fine, Alyssa was lucky she had immunity because her Katy Perry was not good. Ivy Winters came close to the bottom two with her boring portrayal of Marilyn (WHY would you do Marilyn I will never know). Detox did Ke$ha and I feel like she missed the mark. Julie Brown said it, it was more “Annoying Skank” than anything, but that’s Ke$ha right? The judges didn’t seem to think so and she was one of the bottom two. The other queen who was in the bottom two was by far the worst, was Lineysha who did Celia Cruz (the queen of Salsa). She was going to do Michele Obama which would’ve been a catastrophe (ever more so) but someone commented last week that the Puerto Rican girls always miss the mark on Snatch Game, and it happened again.

While I am bummed Detox was in the bottom two, I’m glad everyone got to see her lip sync. Detox’s lip sync is SO unique and it slays every single time. No one can touch her when it comes to that, she’s unreal. With that, Lineysha was sent home. Did she peak to early? I think so, that’s what another reader mentioned in one of my earlier review, so it’s bye bye to the Puerto Rican queen.

I want to talk more about Jinkx because I feel like we need to. Everyone is ragging on her for her drag including Michelle, and we all have to remember that there is such a HUGE spectrum of drag. Not everyone is a glamour puss pageant girl and thank god for that because that would be boring. If Jinkx doesn’t want to do big glamour she doesn’t have to. If she did, she might not be comfortable and it would probably cost her her place in the competition. It was incredibly heartbreaking to hear her story about how she always has to defend her drag and that’s not fair. So to Jinkx I say stay strong. As of right now ,you are one of the top contenders for the crown and you have catapulted into Fan Favorite territory – mark my words. Sharon Needles did not do over the top glam last season, she was true to herself within the guidelines of each challenge and now she’s a global star.

Next week is the live singing challenge, I have high hopes for Jinkx again because she is a trained singer. Could this be a double win for her?

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AND WATCH GREY GARDENS! HERE I’ll give you the link