It’s so funny how one week someone can be on top, and the next week they can just drive me crazy again. Last week, I mentioned how amazing Coco Montrese was, and this week she’s just a big whiney baby wahh wahh Alyssa is mad at me. Honestly she needs to get over it, but I guess it’s keeping us all talking about her which equals screen time. Hmmmm….

After Serena’s elimination last week our girls all came back into the workroom and we FINALLY started to get some history with Alyssa and Coco. Of course it had something to do with a pageant, in fact it was Coco who was Alyssa’s first alternate. So after Alyssa got dethroned, Coco got the crown. Drama? Not really -it’s kind of the rules, but you know queens and a crown right?

This week’s mini challenge was great, it was a Junior Drag pageant. The girls had to team up and make up a dummy to look like a junior drag queen. The winning team was Lil Pound Cake done up by Lineysha and Alaska. It was the best one for sure no complaints there. As the winners, they were made captains of two teams, where they had to create a children’s show. I’m kind of over the group challenges and I really want to see the bitches shine on their own, but I digress.

Alaska’s Team: Detox, Roxxxy, Vivenne, Monica & Alyssa
Lineysha’s Team: Jinkx, Honey, Coco & Ivy, Jade Jolie

Team Alaska were doing tons of barnyard double entendres, but MAJOR faux pas…Alaska performed as a boy, you could see on Ru and Michelle’s faces they were not happy about that. However their team (except for Monica) were definitely the better team. Team Lineysha was boring and aside from the brilliance that is Jinkx (Who is REALLY already a fan favourite and a MAJOR front runner for the title). Coco really dropped the ball. She’s such a whiny old lady I can’t even stand it.

On the runway the queens were asked to wear pink outfits, and my favourites were Roxxxy (obviously) Jinkx, & Honey once again, even though she was walking a bit too intense for me, she looked gorgeous. I really like Honey, she’s coming into her own now. She along with Ivy, Lineysha, Alyssa and Jade were safe. Detox was named the winner after a hilarious impersonation of a chicken & Monica and Coco were in the bottom. Close to the bottom was Vivienne, who in my opinion is probably the most forgettable queen on the show this season. I actually forget that she’s on the show, she doesn’t pop.

During the lip sync, Coco really turned it out, but she looks like an old man in a dress. Honestly I don’t see anything feminine from him. And while I know some people are going to chew my face off, that drag is a wide spectrum, she’s trying to be a feminine pretty girl and she just looks like an old man, and she’s a whiner. Fitting that she dressed up like a little girl no?

Monica lost this week and was sent home, and Coco lives to complain another day. Next week will be a good one, apparently it’s a ballet challenge! Alyssa will win mark my words, and I’m going to say bye bye to Vivenne next week I think.

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