I need to preface this by saying a few things. When I went to interview the producers of Drag Race a month ago, they told me that this was the best season of Drag Race. I have to say that already in Episode 2, this season SLAYS! The queens are SO good (except for Serena) and the challenges are already awesome. Tonight’s main challenge was FIERCE and so funny. Also, Miss COCO MONTRESE TURNED ME OUT this episode. I know I put her in my bottom girls last week and while I still don’t think she can win, she was giving me LIFE this week. She is SO funny and her shade is perfection. Ok, let’s get to it.

The episode started off completely differently this week. The first scene was when the queens walked back into the workroom after elimination. It was such a refreshing way to start the show. We got to see their feelings immediately after the elimination. So great.  Serena blah blah was safe and people were not having it, especially Detox who was already missing Penny. When they got back the next day it was time for a mini challenge, a lip sync challenge. They had to lip sync one of RuPaul’s songs behind a giant RuPaul face with only their lips showing. I KNEW Detox would be one of the winners her lip sync is always perfect. The other winners were Ivy Winters and Serena blah blah. Those three became captains and had to choose teams to compete in the lip sync main challenge: Recreating a famous scene from Untucked from the past seasons. Genius.

  • Detox’s Team: Coco, Monica & Alaska (recreating Phi Phi & Sharon, and Jiggly & Lashawn)
  • Ivy’s Team: Vivienne, Lineysha & Honey (recreating Morgan & Mystique, and Tyra & Tatianna)
  • Blah Blah’s Team: Jade, Jinkx, Alyssa & Roxxxy (recreating Raja & Delta and Shangella, Mimi & Mariah)

I really liked this challenge because it was something completely new, and something completely difficult. It is so hard to get a lip sync of someone talking much less people fighting, so it was really going to show who was talented enough to it, and who wasn’t.

The top team was TEAM IVY, and there were two standouts: Honey Mahogany & Lineysha. I personally thought Honey should’ve won, but the judges gave it to Lineysha (probably because she was so close last week & because they are obsessed with her) OH, I have to take a moment here and talk about the judges. Usually the guest judges are weiners, but this week with Juliette Lewis and the BRILLIANT Kristen Johnston I was in heaven. In fact, Kristen was SO GOOD I feel like she should be there all the time. It was nice to have someone who really didn’t go with the majority, but stuck to her guns as to who she likes. It was fantastic.

The bottom two this week were Monica and Serena blah blah. Monica had a very special moment this week when she revealed that she was in fact a trans woman. While it’s nothing new to have a trans contestant on Drag Race, it is an incredible thing to reveal something so personal to the whole world. Monica if you read this (which you might), I LIVE for a fierce tran, and you honey are a FIERCE TRAN! Onto the lipsync; the song was Rihanna’s “Only Girl in the World” and Monica was smart. Her final look was VERY Rihanna. Smart smart girl. Naturally she took it home and Serena was sent home. Good riddance Serena!

The episode of Untucked was something VERY special, it was probably the best episode I have ever seen. These bitches CAME For Serena and it was totally deserved, especially Miss Coco Montrese. Honey she was throwing side eye and shade left right and center, and I love every minute of it. Can’t WAIT to see what she says next!

That’s it for this week, catch me on Twitter @TOMMYD and let’s dish some more. Comments below!

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