I can’t even believe it! I honestly HONESTLY cannot believe it! After 4 seasons and so many queens, RuPaul has finally got it right on the nose! Not only with the WINNER, but with the FAN FAVORITE! This year played out perfectly and I don’t think there is anyone (other than Phi Phi) who is upset by the results.

Yes kids, we have our two winners! The winner of fan favorite this year is LATRICE MOTHERF*CKING ROYALE!

And the winner of RPDR season 4, America’s Next Drag Superstar is…


Now I have been a fan of Sharon from the beginning, Sharon and Latrice were my top two and I never ever EVER thought that RuPaul would actually choose a winner that has the potential of being an even bigger star than RuPaul. I never thought that would happen but it has. She has listened to the fans and chosen right. Believe me if she didn’t, people would’ve been pissed. But let’s get to the absolutely incredible reunion because I can’t wait anymore!

After last years leak RuPaul had a stroke of genius, taking it to the reunion. We’ve all read what happened at the reunion, they filmed three different endings meaning the winner didn’t even know she won until 9 EST tonight it was brilliant, but there was so much to cover until then. First off all the queens were back, did a great opening number and then RuPaul came out looking perfect. It was time to get down to the nitty gritty and talk to the queens eliminated! The first four on deck were Alisa Summers, LaShauwn Beyond, The Princess & Madame LaQueer. Alisa was brilliant calling out Jiggly in her sneakers for the fist elimination, LaShauwn who looked great wished she wasn’t so shy, The Princess said he should’ve been a character like Willam and he would’ve stayed, and Madame Laqueer (WHO LOOK FLAWLESS) said something I could barely understand (kidding).

The next four were Milan, Jiggly Caliente, Dida Ritz & Kenya. Ru got on Milan for the wig ripping off, and Milan went on  about how people don’t get what she does as an artist. Yes we do, you ripped your wig off on stage in an act of desperation to stay in the competition. I wrote about my issues with Milan in a previous post and my opinions of her haven’t changed. Jiggly was called out on her sewing…or lack there of and mentioned her brother bought her sewing classes…about a year too late! Dida Ritz, my beautiful Dida who shined in the opening number looked flawless in red hair and Kenya had a great moment on stage with Charo (!!!)

Finally it was time for Willam! Yes we finally found out what happened to Willam…was it drugs? Was it a computer a cell phone…WHAT WAS IT?!? Well it was not as dramatic. When you get on drag race you’re not supposed to tell anyone, and his husband found out and he knocked on Willam’s door and they were doing whatever they do. Willam was great, he was REALLY funny and totally entertaining. After Willam it was this year’s breakout star and this year’s fan favorite LATRICE ROYALE, who got a standing ovation every time she appeared centre stage! She had a great moment with Ru and after that was crowned Fan Favourite and I started to cry! It was also announced that Latrice is joining Drag U, which I already knew because that’s why I didn’t get my interview with her…she was filming WAAAAAHHH!

Now it was time for the final three! While Sharon and Chad looked great in gowns Phi Phi looked absolutely ridiculous in her TERRIBLE wig and stupid outfit. Why didn’t she just put some effort into her outfit, she looked awful and should’ve put some effort into it. It was actually very funny because Chad (who was about the cry about everything…like WTF?) and Sharon while were interviewed didn’t have much talk time, it was all about slamming Phi Phi which was absolutely deserved. I’m glad that Willam, and Chad, and Sharon, and Jiggly all got their voices heard about Phi Phi. I hope that with the experience of this Phi Phi grows up, but she won’t. If you read this Phi Phi (which you probably won’t but whatever) you are an amazing queen, but you HAVE to let go of all that anger, and if you weren’t such a bitch you probably would’ve won this season straight up.

HOWEVER, Phi Phi did not win, and neither did Chad. Tonight the spookiest ghoul in the world and future SUPERSTAR SHARON NEEDLES was crowned…and my entire living room exploded (check out our reaction above)! What a great moment for drag race and for Sharon!

Thanks everyone for reading the recaps, and for all the comments. I LOVE a good comment debate. I’ll have an interview with Sharon tomorrow (Tuesday) and in less than 2 months I’m bringing Sharon to Vancouver! That’s right she’s making her Canadian debut HERE and yours truly now has to work in overdrive because this is going to be the event of the year! Get FULL info HERE…and get your tickets ASAP!


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