RuPaul’s Drag Race 4 Episode 7: “Dragazines” Recap & Elimination Interview

Before I start this week’s recap I’ve gotta do a bit of a disclaimer. Last week after a wonderful interview with Milan she came to the site, read my review and made it very clear on my Facebook that she was not happy. Then like a bit of a coward I deleted the post, and even was tempted to change up the review in the hopes of maybe making her not be so angry. After about a minute I decided that deleting the post on FB and wanting to change it was silly, and I come to my disclaimer. To everyone on this show and every other show that we recap, we are giving our super sassy review and honest opinions of what we see on television. You are all wanting to be stars and think you are all fabulous…until someone tells you that you’re not, and then you get angry. If you cannot accept criticism and even an insult, don’t be on TV! And for myself, I’m only judging what I see on television and until I have some sort of interaction with you in real life I will ONLY talk about what you’ve done on the show. GOT IT?

This week on Drag Race we are left with lucky 7. The mini challenge this week was about reading, because it is what? REALLY embarrassing if they aren’t good. Like Phi Phi, oh girl. It was just painful. After a pretty painful library session, Latrice was named the winner and got to chose who gets what magazine. Oh yes, the challenge this week was to created your own Dragazine. It wasone of the weakest and lamest challenges I’ve ever seen on this show. What the heck does this have to do with being a Drag Superstar? So random. Anyway, it was all pretty weak so let’s just talk about the drama. Jiggly got health & fitness (shady Latrice heh) and everyone told her to do funny…except Phi Phi who told her to do it seriously if she believes in it.

SHADY. SHADY SHADY SHADY! And completely amazing, and she didn’t say ANYTHING wrong in my opinion she just agreed with what Jiggly wanted to do. Haha you fucking shady bitch I love it, it was awesome. The photo shoot was very much like the autobiography challenge in season 2. I just really REALLY wasn’t feeling it…what I WAS feeling was the absolute GORGEOUS photographer. Honestly WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE! (Tweet me @TommyD)

On the runway we saw some cute looks, Phi Phi turned out an AMAZING look: great makeup and the best cover and was named the winner, with Sharon a close second. The rest didn’t fare so well. Latrice got clocked for her heavy gown, Dida got clocked for her hair again (which I thought was lovely), Chad got clocked for her bad cover, and Willam got clocked for his beard…again. Poor Willam, I just don’t know why his beard keeps poking through, and his cover was one of the worst. He was in the bottom with surprise surprise…Jiggly. Jiggly is just not suited for this show and has skated by on the success of the groups she’s been in and people she has been partnered up with. Now while Willam may not be the best performer (he is an actor after all…not a showgirl) it was time for Jiggly to go and she finally got the boot.

Six left and they are in my opinion, the strongest top 6 out of all the seasons. I’m curious to see how they are going to fill another 9 episodes (I believe there are 16 this season), so I’m sure one week there won’t be an elimination, another week someone will come back so I look forward to seeing whats going to happen. I interviewed Jiggly this morning, so be sure to listen below to hear what she had to say…

Our Interview With Jiggly Caliente

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  • Del Stamp

    Soooo I REALLY hated Willam at the start of the season … and now I’m TOTALLY living for her. Srsly … she’s now my fave! I can’t wait to hear what comes out of her mouth!

  • Jek

    Anyone know the name of the photographer? that guy is hot.

  • Jeremy Felix D.`

    “the strongest top 6 out of all the seasons”?

    Srsly? I’m of the opinion that this season has some of the weakest competetors yet. Almost none are even likeable. (P.S. I’m rootin’ fur Sharon)

  • dystopian

    They are truly the strongest t 6 of all the seasons. I have my favourites but I still can’t see who would be in the top 2 unlike all the other seasons: by top 6 time we ALL knew who the top 2 would be.

  • @Jeremy you’re completely wrong. This top 6 is the strongest. The only two that has been in the bottom two out of them all has been Dida and he lip sync was FLAWLESS, and Willam who is amazing tv.

    I TOTALLY thought I had the top three locked down (1. Chad, 2. Sharon 3. PhiPhi) but now I totally don’t know. It really is going to be what challenges happen. Either Dida or Willam will be gone next week that’s my prediction.

  • Kristina

    Somebody should get Jiggly a box of BreatheRight strips.

  • CT

    “Have you done porn? You should really consider it.” Lol!

  • I’m putting my new top 3 as Latrice, Willam and Sharon… that’s my final prediction.

    Awful challenge you’re totally right: does not compute with the purpose of this whole thing. I get being “all around” but come on.

    Finally, good for you for standing up for your opinion on here Tommy. The AMOUNT of crap some of us reviewers get is hilarious sometimes from friends, fans, family and even the contestants themselves. Sweets, you’re ON TV to get rated, voted and critically evaluated: stay in your shower and sing if you don’t want to hear something a bit harsh once in a while. It’s a competition; it ain’t all gonna be roses and pancakes.

  • Thanks Adam. <3

  • Melody

    Can someone please tell me the name of the photographer who took the pictures for the “Dragazines”… Thanks!! ??????????