Oh yes…yes yes yes! I haven’t laughed so hard at an episode in SUCH a long time. I gotta tell ya if Latrice isn’t in your top queens honey she better be after this week.

The whole episode this week had to do with getting locked up, which was funny because Latrice actually was in the slammer. The mini challenge this week the queens had to pair up, get handcuffed and do each other’s faces for the mugshot. It was fabulous! Latrice and Milan did this amazing boobs out teeth missing thing, but it was Willam and Madame LaQueer who won…which I didn’t get. The blue paint or something. Whatever, Ru makes weird decisions.

Onto the main challenge. Show creator Max Mutchnick was the guest judge. The queen were split up into two groups and had to act out a scene from a sitcome. Each had a specific gag, Team Willam had jokes about nuts (like balls) and Team LaQueer had jokes about beavers (like vaginas). Get it? On team LaQueer, Dida shone like crazy. she was absolutely incredible. But it was Latrice Royale from team Willam stole the entire episode. Someone needs to snatch her up and put her on tv. She was SO funny as Large Marge I was DYING! She was clearly the winner already.

At runway, Ru, Michelle, BillyB were joined by Max and funny woman Nicole Sullivan. Ru looked lovely once again and the queens had to represent what they would wear on a red carpet. Sharon was hilarious and took it totally in a different direction dressing like a famous old lady. brilliant. Team Willam won and LATRICE ROYALE took home the top prize this week. Absolutely DESERVED! No one could touch her. The bottom two this week were Milan and Madame LaQueer, which is surprising since Milan is a trained actor…hmmm? The lipsync was to TROUBLE by PINK, and dresses came off, wigs came off this and that. Milan really was lip syncing for her life, but you know me. Keep you shoes and your hair on. I just think it’s so cheap. However Milan was better than LaQueer and got to stay. Bye Bye LaQueer, it was definitely time for you to go.

In the Untucked this week it got really juicy. Phi Phi and Sharon got into a fight in the workroom and the famous insult (Tired as showgirl and go back to party city) were thrown. It was a bit silly and I think PhiPhi totally overreacted but hey it makes for better television. The best part of the untucked was when PhiPhi walked in on Sharon calling her a tired showgirl once again…it was fabulous. I can’t wait to see what happens with these two in the future. I want to see punches.

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Next week is SNATCH GAME! One of the best contests on DRAG RACE!

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