We’re back with Episode 2, racers! This week on RuPaul’s Drag Race we saw a lot of padding, a lot of backstory (in the untucked) and my drag race boyfriend BillyB was back on the judges table. After Jiggly did the ceremonial wiping of the mirror and after a read between the lines video message from Ru, we find out that the mini challenge is about padding that ass till you can’t pad it no more. Sharon Needles gave us a big tip by the way. When making your padding, shape it like Africa…fitting no?

Chad Michaels (yeay), Phi Phi Ohara (double yeay) and Willam were chosen as the winners and team captains for the next challenge, which is one of the best I’ve seen on the show. WRESTLING CHALLENGE! Three teams of four were made up, and those teams were split into Faces and Heels – The Good and the Bad team respectively. Madame LeQueer starting making excuses and I started rolling my eyes. I don’t get the whole excuses thing I really REALLY don’t, but when it came to show time she was amazing. Madame LaQueer and Chad took on Sharon Needles and Milan and the show was fabulous. Latrice Royale (triple yeay) was paired with Kenya and they took on Phi Phi and Lashauwn who really didn’t impress this week, although everyone else in the group did fabulous. Willam was paired with Dida and they took on Princess and Jiggly, this group was the worst. Anyone else notice that Jiggly is ONLY wearing her flat converse knee highs every week? I mean come on throw a heel on, you’re a drag queen.

On the runway they were asked to get into their girliest looks, and I was most excited to see what Sharon was going to pull out since this seemed to be the most out of her confort zone (even though she had immunity). Willam…Willam Willam Willam there is just something about Willam’s look that just isn’t working for me and yes I know he reads this and he’ll probably go up one side of me and down the (bring it I can dish it I can take it), but there’s something that isn’t reading drag queen. The body is sickening but I feel like it was the same look as last week. OH! And Kenya, I’m getting a lot of flack for Kenya because she is not in my favorites. Yes she is pretty but I kind of feel like that’s all we’re going to get. Billy B even said that he thinks she’s the one to beat and I couldn’t disagree more. Billy clocked Phi Phi for wearing too much makeup but…it’s DRAG! You’re supposed to be an exaggerated version of something. Maybe it’s my own personal preference but I need more from Kenya. Then you can look at The Princess who has SO much going on an amazing look totally fresh totally cool, but not memorable whatsoever. So you gotta find a good balance.

Chad and Madame LaQueer won the challenge (BRAVO!) And Lashauwn and The Princess had to lipsync. Within the first 3 second I knew Lashauwn was going home. How? HE TOOK OF HIS DAMN SHOES BEFORE HE STARTED!!! WHY ARE YOU TAKING OFF YOUR SHOES?!? Listen you have very few jobs being a drag queen and I should know. Wearing makeup, WEARING A HEEL, knowing your words and tucking your bits. Throw something on your head and make that money but honestly, WEAR YOUR SHOES! I lose respect for performers who take off their shoes OR wigs on the stage. You’re giving up, and I was glad to see him go. Apparently, so was Lashauwn because he even said “What am I going to do with 100 thousand dollars?”

Honey, buy yourself a clue because you shouldn’t be doing this if you don’t want it.

The Untucked was interesting, it read more like a PSA than an Untucked. We learned about silicone injections, self esteem issues, and dating other drag queens. My final thought goes out to Jiggly. While I respect that you have your own opinion about being a drag queen and dating ANOTHER drag queen, you have to keep it to yourself. It’s disrespectful to say it’s disgusting ESPECIALLY since Manila Luzon & Sahara Davenport who are a couple and your friends, have done nothing but push for you this season. You better think about how others might feel when you say something, instead of thinking of yourself and trying to make a splash on the show. It’s not cute.

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