My heart is broken. Not only was my heart broken ONCE, but TWICE all within the same hour. First of all I found a spoiler hours before I saw the show and found out the the love of my life, my reason for tuning in every week, the best contestant this show has ever had LATRICE ROYALE was eliminated. THEN the bosses at Homorazzi told me that there would be NO INTERVIEW WITH LATRICE BECAUSE SHE WAS BUSY! Ugh as IF today’s Drag Race experience could get any worse. Ok I’m gonna try to get through this recap without breaking down.

This week’s theme was THE BITCH BALL but it’s not what you think. It all has to do with DOGS! Ok and a little bitching like in the mini challenge. Each one of the fantastic four was given a puppet of one of the other contestants. They had to drag out their puppet and do a 30 second puppet show. Brilliant. Sharon got Chad and of course played up her plastic surgery. Latrice got Sharon and did the goth thing, sadly she wasn’t very good. Chad was throwing FULL shade with the Phi Phi doll and it was hilarious, but it was definitely Phi Phi who had a Latrice doll that torn it down. Making fun of the jewelry breaking on stage…honey that shit was hilarious! Phi Phi didn’t win, Chad did and he got to choose what queen was paired up with what dog. Get it…BITCH BALL! Phi Phi got a blood hound, Latrice got a pomeranian, Chad took the Chinese crested and Sharon got a poodle, not only that but they had to do a musical number in the spirit of cats…only dogs! Oh Ru, you’re so funny!

The workroom was fine, Phi Phi was bitchy, Latrice and Chad were motherly and Sharon was a bit lost. I can’t really remember anything significant happening in the workroom that merits any recapping so let’s just go to the runway. They had to do three looks, dog park realness, Puppy in a bag party girl & Canine couture inspired by the dog they were paired up with. Phi Phi’s looks were good however the dog park realness literally looked like a recycling of Kenya Michael’s lil Kim outfit. Chad was meh to me this week completely and Sharon TURNED IT OUT! She gave blonde hair, and party girl and an amazing poodle couture look. Very impressive.

Sadly Latrice Royale dropped the ball this week. I felt like she could’ve given a bit more even though her canine couture look for me was pretty good. She was put in the bottom two along with Chad, while Sharon won.

During the lipsync to Wynona Judd’s song (who was a guest judge alongside Rose McGowan who apparently got a new face since the last time we saw her) I just kept seeing Cher and Celine in Chad which are two of his most famous impersonations. However as is always the case, three strikes and you’re out with this show. Latrice Royale was sent home, and in one of the most moving and honest farewell speeches I was brought to tears. I’m not even kidding, I love Latrice Royale. Latrice Royale is the greatest competitor on this show for me and I don’t care what anyone else says. She is polished, funny, honest, sweet, motherly, fierce, a fantastic performer and truly deserved the title this year above anyone else. And while she did drop the ball this week and kind of messed up, overall she wasn’t bitchy or catty to anyone and while I know Sharon is the fan fave this year (and she is one of my faves ever as well), it is Latrice Royale that will always have a special place in my heart.

Sadly like I mentioned I don’t get to interview her this week, but since next week is a recap episode I am going to do everything I can to get her on the phone for at least 15 minutes. You hear me Latrice…we have a date next week – no questions!

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